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Hispanic Speakers

Want to know which hispanic speakers are best suited to transform your organization? Candidates range from CEOs, investors and successful entrepreneurs, to hispanic motivational speakers with stories of overcoming adversity and rising above. True to their roots, hispanic motivational speakers on BigSpeak’s roster are sure to inspire your team. Whether discussing politics, diversity, team building, communication, or just sharing their inspirational story, a hispanic speaker is sure to convey a hint of spicy flare in their presentation. After 20 years and thousands of engagements, BigSpeak Motivational Speakers Bureau is the expert on finding the perfect expert for your audience and event.

Dr. Camilo Cruz

Dr. Camilo Cruz

International Best-Selling Author, Renowned Latino Business Coach and Motivational Speaker

Carlos Conejo

Carlos Conejo

Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Expert, Process Improvement and Lean Enterprise Specialist, Six Sigma Black Belt

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