How to Hire the Perfect Motivational Speaker That’s Right for Your Audience

Finding the perfect motivational keynote speaker for your event can sometimes be challenging. Even though there are many great motivational keynote speakers out there, not every motivational speaker is the right fit. The best motivational keynote speaker can not only create excitement for your audience while providing useful tools for overcoming challenges, but they also leave your audience inspired and ready to make changes.

If you are having trouble locating the perfect motivational keynote speaker, here are three tips to help you find the best motivational keynote speaker that’s right for your audience. 

1.Consult a Speakers Bureau

Google searches can reveal hundreds of motivational keynote speakers. How can you tell if this motivational speaker will be just right for your event? Easy. Consult a speakers bureau. Speakers bureaus advisers are familiar with the top-rated professional motivational speakers in many fields—even yours. Moreover, speakers bureaus can get a quick response on speaker availability, provide help with negotiating contracts, and be with you step-by-step as you prepare the event.

2. Hire Early

The most important thing you can do when contracting the perfect motivational keynote speaker is to reach out early in the process. The most famous motivational speakers are often booked a year in advance. Professional keynote speakers in your field often need to be contacted at least six months prior. So if you want to guarantee you get the best motivational keynote speaker for your event, reach out as early as possible.

3. Determine What Type of Motivational Speaker You Want

Not all motivational keynote speakers provide the same experience. While all motivational keynote speakers have overcome challenges, not all of them have overcome challenges relatable to your audience. When thinking of what motivational speaker you want, consider if you want an athlete, researcher, tragedy survivor, business success, or entertainer.


Athlete Motivational Keynote Speaker

Athlete motivational speakers have reached the peak in their sport, often overcoming drastic physical and mental challenges to reach the podium or achieve a new world record. For example, James Lawrence ran 50 triathlons in 50 days in 50 states to understand how to create a successful mindset. Robyn Benincasa learned the essence of teamwork in the most challenging terrains of the world while becoming an Adventure Racing World Champion.


Researcher Motivational Keynote Speaker

Researcher motivational speakers have done the science to determine how to overcome challenges. For instance, Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry researched how top performers do under pressure to show audiences how to perform when they are under pressure. Shawn Achor, a positivity psychologist, looked at the roots of happiness to teach changes we can make to create a positive mindset.


Tragedy Survivor Motivational Keynote Speaker

Tragedy survivor motivational speakers have endured a personal tragedy (overcoming physical and mental tragedies) and come out the other side to thrive. Bethany Hamilton famously lost her arm to a shark but went on to become a surfing champion. Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped for 9 months as a fourteen-year-old and teaches audiences how you can have a life after experiencing tragedy.


Business Success Motivational Keynote Speakers

Business success motivational speakers have overcome setbacks in their industry to find financial success and disrupt markets. Marc Randolph started a little company known as Netflix that almost went out of business before becoming a dominant force in streaming and entertainment. Jia Jiang turned his business startup failure into a successful business for learning how to become resilient. 


Entertainment Motivational Keynote speakers

Entertainment motivational speakers use interactivity, music, and art to inspire audiences. Jade Simmons, a rockstar concert pianist, thrills audiences with piano performance and an inspirational message. Molly Bloom lost her poker entertainment business to the government only to turn around and make her life story into an Oscar-nominated film with director Aaron Sorkin.


Remember, if you want to find the perfect motivational keynote speaker for your event do three things: consult a speakers bureau, start early, and determine what kind of motivational speaker would work best with your event. If you need help, reach out to BigSpeak speakers bureau to get started on making an inspiring event today.


Whether you’re looking to do an online conference, virtual keynote, online function, or Zoom meeting, motivational keynote speakers have the skills to deliver an exciting and motivational experience. 


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