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Hewlett-Packard started may have started in a garage in Palo Alto, California but now it’s a multinational information technology company. Founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard, the company has been an innovator in electronic test equipment, computers, and even best work practices. At BigSpeak Speakers Bureau, we work with some of the top keynote speakers who have helped Hewlett-Packard become an international brand. If you are interested in the best thought leaders who learned the HP way, contact BigSpeak Speakers Bureau to book one for your next event or conference.

Soren Kaplan

Leadership Development, Keynote Speaking, & Consulting on Corporate Innovation, Business Model Innovation and Innovation Culture

Isabel Aguilera

Former President of General Electric, Spain and Portugal; Former Managing Director of Google, Spain and Portugal

Soulaima Gourani

Seasoned Global Businesswoman, Corporate Counselor, Author, Weekly Contributor at Forbes Media; Forbes Leadership Channel

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