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Technology and futurist keynote speakers are experts in innovation, big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. In some cases, these speakers literally demo new, game-changing technologies on stage. They are renowned entrepreneurs, researchers, strategists, and forecasters. Their talks focus on emerging topics of cloud computing, social media, communication platforms, IT, knowledge networks, medical technology and beyond.

Whether your company is on the verge of a high-tech breakthrough, or you still can’t change the defaults on your phone, these top technology keynote speakers can help you. Their takeaways will help you revolutionize your organization, markets, customers, and society at large.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.Arthur C. Clarke

Kevin Surace

Kevin Surace is a futurist speaker, creator of the first smartphone and digital assistant, and veteran of over 15 main-stage TED talks. He is widely known as a dynamic public speaker, who educates and energizes audiences to action with his personal brand of “Edutainment.”

Nancy Giordano

Nancy Giordano is an exciting strategic futurist and corporate strategist. Her talks help businesses understand the intersection of tech, business, and society so they can improve their strategies going forward.

Tan Le

Tan Le is a top innovation and business speaker, technology entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of EMOTIV. Her moving talks focus on innovation, and A.I.,  which often feature amazing demos of her groundbreaking brainwear.

Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta is an expert on digital strategy and Chair of the General Management program at Harvard Business school. He helps companies understand how digital technology impacts consumer behavior and firm strategy.

Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman is a top technology speaker, bestselling author, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and social media expert. Named one of the top 50 professors in the world, his entertaining and fun talks teach audiences about innovation and digital leadership.

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a top innovation and futurist speaker. Rather than focusing on the distant future, Walsh looks at what the next five years will bring. His most recent book The Algorithmic Leader shows leaders and businesses how to adapt to the age of algorithms.

Adam Cheyer

Adam Cheyer is a top A.I. expert and Co-Founder of Siri. His talks focus on the future of artificial intelligence and how it will affect your business.

Daniel Kraft, M.D.

Daniel Kraft is an expert on the future of medicine and Founder and Chair of Exponential Medicine. His enlightening talks focus on how new technologies are changing healthcare and the practice of medicine.

Bettina Warburg

Bettina Warburg is a blockchain researcher and Co-Founder of Animal Ventures, which helps companies take advantage of advanced technologies. Her cutting-edge talks focus on the emerging practices of blockchain technologies for business.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak is a top technology speaker and innovation expert, cult icon, and Co-Founder of Apple Computer. A fun and lively personality, he teaches audiences about creativity and innovation in technology.

Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng is a popular keynote speaker from Australia and the founder and CEO of Aubot, which makes a telepresence robot, Teleport, for people with longterm illness or a disability to attend school or work remotely.

Janelle Shane 

Janelle Shane is a machine learning expert and artificial intelligence humorist. In 2019, she was named one of Fast Company’s 100 most creative people in business. Her TED talk, “The danger of AI is weirder than you think” has close to 1 million views as of 2020 and provides a funny and insightful look at the nature of machine learning algorithms.

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