Quick Tips from Lisa Bodell on Utilizing Virtual Keynote Speaker Formats

Keynote speaker and best-selling author Lisa Bodell is a globally recognized expert on innovation and change management. She has helped many organizations eliminate complexities and roadblocks, allowing them to be fast and adaptive in the face of tumult and crisis. Now, Lisa, who’s a bit of an old hand with remote presentations,  is sharing timely pointers with her fellow speakers and experts on maximizing the value of virtual presentation platforms, which are becoming increasingly vital for those speakers who want to safely engage with audiences and those groups who still require expert insights.

Lisa recommends that virtual presentation organizers utilize:

  • Interactive quick-hit exercises that reveal barriers and shift perspectives
  • Live polling questions and custom results discussed on the spot
  • Thought-provoking diagnostics for all participants
  • Attention-grabbing tips and tricks that provoke teams to take action
  • Post-session videos and tools to make key messages stick

If you want to know more, check out a recording of Lisa’s short webinar on Hosting the best Virtual Meeting EVER.