Race Car Driver Keynote Speakers

From NASCAR to the Indy 5000, BigSpeak has many motivational speakers that have a need for speed. BigSpeak’s race car driving keynote speakers, engineers, and coaches know what it’s like to perform under extreme pressure, are incredibly focused, dedicated, and have had success both in business and publicity, as well as on the track. Our racing speakers know what it takes to dream big, go big, perform and compete at the highest levels. Their stories are the stuff of Hollywood legend and many have had their experiences translated to the big screen in such popular films as The Fast and The Furious, Speed, and Talladega Nights. These drivers, coaches, and engineers are experts at motivation, inspiration, team­ building, competition, overcoming adversity, and staying calm under pressure. Want to accelerate your success? BigSpeak’s NASCAR and Indy race car driving speakers are guaranteed to take you from zero to sixty in every keynote.

Derek Daly

World Class Formula One and Indy 500 Driver, Master of Fast, Best-Selling Author, and 25-Year Network Television Analyst

Mark Gallagher

Managing Director of CMS Motor Sport Ltd, Business and Motivational Speaker, media commentator on Formula One, co-owner of Status Grand Prix

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