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Building Leadership Capabilities While Real Work Gets Done

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Art Turock’s Key Accomplishments Include…
Art Turock is a speaker and elite performance provocateur whose unique contribution involves translating behavioral science research and the field-tested talent development playbook of sports to help his clients stage game-changing strategies.

As an elite performance catalyst, Art Turock helps organizations to solve their foremost talent development challenge — orchestrating the journey from competent performance to consummate professional. Building on the growing interest to increase performance from good to great, Art Turock’s ideas have appeared in Success, USA Today, Fortune, the One-Minute Manager series, Association Management, Bloomberg News, and CNN. Since 1986, Art Turock has been a prized resource to over 120 Fortune 500 companies including: Merck, IBM, 3M, Procter & Gamble, AT&T as well as ASAE and Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

Why Art Turock

  • “Art Turock helps clients to orchestrate his unique Learning-While-Working Process where managers develop leadership capabilities while real work is getting done (which means during staff meetings, customer interactions, phone calls, even during breaks between meetings). Instead of your leadership development process getting suffocated by unrelenting work demands, it becomes effortless—ingrained as a habit to replace your current autopilot efficiency measures like multi-tasking, winging-it, and micromanaging. Art’s counterintuitive game plan comes from adapting talent development practices from sports teams, which employ mindset shifts (or mental toughness), world-class practice methods, and elite talent development processes that aren’t taught in any business school or corporate university.”
  • Art Turock’s presentations blend live coaching interactions with individuals and subgroups along with hard-hitting content of a speech. The coaching invites audience members to work on mastering plateaus. The entire audience knows this conversation is unrehearsed bringing a “how’s this going to turn out” quality to the presentation.
  • “Art Turock offers prework and follow up services to maximize his client’s return on investment from his presentation. Prework: 10 days before a presentation, attendees receive a questionnaire to help identify their performance plateaus or an organizational audit to assess the conditions conducive to learning and development. Every attendees comes to Art’s session ready to customize his ideas to their specific areas to improve. During the presentation. Audience members receive individual coaching and small group coaching to clarify their most valuable actionable idea from the conference and to troubleshoot likely obstacles to implementation they’ll face back at work Followup… 1-year phone or e-mail followup program option to get Art’s solutions to challenges in putting actionable ideas into practice back at work.”

Art Turock’s books include, Getting Physical: How to Stick With Your Exercise Program; Invent Business Opportunities No One Else Can Imagine; What It Takes to Be Great and Competent is Not an Option.

More About Art Turock…
Art Turock’s career has been marked by his expertise based on his astute sense of knowing customers’ needs before they can even articulate them. In his latest program, What It Takes to Be Great, Art Turock translates findings from a massive body of elite performance research with athletes, performing artists, and scientists, into practical business applications. The key finding is that stars aren’t born; rather they are made through deliberate practice. Unfortunately, most organizations unknowingly derail this journey to great achievement. They establish goals, tell employees what to do, and offer training in how to execute skills, but fail to nurture opportunities for ongoing deliberate practice. Art Turock addresses the pivotal questions for anyone aspiring to great performance, by identifying the elements of deliberate practice and how to harness their power in a time-pressed workplace.

An accomplished athlete in his late fifties, Art Turock personally tests the elements of deliberate practice as a competitive master-level sprinter in the 100 and 200 meter dash. He also brings insight from his experience with the culture-shaping practices of Head Coach Pete Carroll and the USC Football program, which holds the best winning percentage in college football history.

Art Turock’s most frequently-requested program, Invent Business Opportunities No One Else Can Imagine, challenges the taken-for-granted mandates of business success“Ask customers what they want and give it to them.” But is it that simple? Unless you are blessed with Jules Verne-like visionary customers, answers to surveys and focus groups provide only minor tweaks to what the industry already provides—not exactly input that fuels bold innovation. For aspiring trend setters, Art Turock provides fresh eyes and cognitive methods for inventing business opportunities that disarm competitors and astound customers.

Art Turock’s programs consitently rate high on three key qualities: thought-provoking content, extraordinary customization, and take-home application.

Testimonials 3

  • “For busy sales professionals there appears to be no time for practice. After hearing your creative methods to instill deliberate practice, into existing work activities with little additional time required, people realize there are abundant opportunities for continuous improvement…This was our fourth time working with you, and each one gets better, just like your program promises.”

    Mike Crone

    Senior VP of Sales Wells Enterprises/Blue Bunny

  • “When our people walked into the meeting room, if a customer described their performance as ‘competent,’ they would interpret that to mean an A-grade. When you finished your program 90 minutes later, competent meant a C. Our people realized there was a higher standard we were capable of working toward–to be elite performers in customer responsiveness. Competent is Not an Option delivers the same impact for readers.”

    Roger Junkermier

    CEO Cerium Networks

  • “We hired you to work with our emerging leaders because you get in people’s faces respectfully. You insist on honesty and accountability in a way that people feel safe.”

    Aaron Holsinger

    Director of Talent & Change Management

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