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Bob Davies

Human Performance Expert, Author, Trainer and Coach

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Bob Davies’ Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
For over twenty years, Bob Davies has been helping people to break through emotional gridlock, overcome fears, procrastination and have the results in their lives that they have always dreamed of. Bob Davies is a keynote speaker, author, trainer and coach, specializing in creating clarity, focus and accountability for motivated individuals and businesses.

Bob Davies teaches a system that breaks through fear and creates a “being in action” mentality. This results in measured increased quality, service, fulfillment and productivity. Bob Davies’ philosophy states that the purpose of being in business is to develop people and he teaches a system that enables organizations to live this code.

Why Bob Davies

  • High energy, high impact, immediately relevant information on behavior. Bob teaches your audience how to form the habits that they need to get themselves to do what they want and need to do but have been avoiding.
  • Bob customizes every program to address and include the challenges faced by your audience. His presentations are about your audience, not about Bob.
  • Bob’s programs are based on a combination of scientific principles and the best practices of elite performers. No one else has done the research that Bob has done nor does anyone else have Bob’s background as a college football coach and a former coach of Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Greco Roman Wrestling. This means that regardless of the sophistication of the audience Bob’s program will be new and refreshing information.

Bob Davies is the author of two books, The Sky Is Not The Limit – You Are! and Coaching For High Performance.
Bob Davies uses his expertise to help business leaders and sales teams create balance and fulfillment in their lives as they create superior results at work. Using proven scientific methods to accelerate individual and group performance levels, Bob Davies speaks to thousands of men and women each year, teaching techniques that enable them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

More About Bob Davies M.ED., CPPC, MCC . . . 
As a former football coach at Cal State Fullerton, Bob Davies used his unique techniques to help the team climb from last place to win two conference championships. Bob Davies also coached Jeff Blatnik, the champion wrestler who overcame cancer to win the 1984 Olympic gold medal. This coaching background enabled Bob Davies to study and develop a system to enable individuals to tap into the highest level of their potential.

Bob Davies’ personal story of rising from poverty to prosperity, and his experience as an athlete and coach, uniquely qualifies him as an undisputed expert in the arena of high performance and extraordinary human achievement.

Bob Davies has a BS in Health from Rutgers University, and a M.Ed in Psychology from Springfield College. He holds the highest certification of professional personal and business coaches, “Master Certified Coach.” Bob Davies is a skydiver, pilot, parent and husband, and uses these experiences to help you to get on track, laser-focused and in action towards living your dreams!

Testimonials 1

  • “I watched Bob Davies’ presentation, and as a scientist and science writer, I was absolutely astonished to see and hear him again and again explain profound scientific concepts and conclusions to a non-technical audience of a thousand men and women who didn’t realize that they were actually learning science! No equations, no complex technological terminology, just plain English delivered with passion and polish. This man knows deep truths – but more importantly – helps people learn them. And they find it easy!”

    Jonathan Vos Post, Ph.D.

    Astronomy Professor, California Institute of Technology

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