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Dan Negroni

Author, Entrepreneur, and Expert Multi-generational Speaker

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About Speaker Dan Negroni…

Dan is the quintessential next generation management and talent development expert solving today’s critical multi-generational workplace issues. Today, millennials represent 40% of the workforce and will grow to 75% by 2025. Millennials and Gen Z (“Digitial Natives”) will continue to change the way we run our business and sell our products and services. The “winners,” thriving and successful organizations, will be those that effectively align with the values and deliver on the expectations of Digital Native customers and employees.

Dan helps companies bridge the gap between managers and their millennial workforce and create winning “next gen” workplaces to increase employee relationship-based skills, engagement, productivity and profits.

1. ENTREPRENEUR & CEO – After a successful 30+ year career as a successful CEO, Georgetown educated attorney, senior sales and marketing executive, and entrepreneur, Dan founded, launchbox, a revolutionary company that has helped hundreds of organizations and over 12,000 Digital Natives to bridge the generational gap and unleash the creativity and potential of a connected, integrated culture. His relationship-based approach to leadership and sales has helped him personally grow companies by over a billion dollars cumulatively and has helped his clients’ businesses grow exponentially more.

2. AUTHOR – Dan is an Amazon best-selling author of Chasing Relevance: 6 Steps to Understand, Engage and Maximize Next Generation Leaders in the Workplace, which provides a powerful framework for helping organizations attract, train, engage and retain their next generation of leaders. Companies, leaders, parents and millennials alike have been impacted by the actionable tools, strategies and insights on how to leverage strengths and build powerful relationships.

3. MILLENNIAL EXPERT – Dan is driven by an innate need to help people show up and perform at their best, especially our next generation of leaders. He does not just talk about generational problems, he provides a “real solution” to solve the disconnect. Through extensive research and his experiential lab at launchbox, he has trained, coached and mentored over 12,000 Digital Natives and has a deep understanding of their attitudes, behaviors, values, and expectations. Dan is frequently interviewed by the press, media, and podcasts for his views on the next generation and the chasm between older generations and millennials in the workplace.

4. KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Dan was selected as Inc.’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018 and is a regular keynote presenter on millennials and Gen Z, bridging the gap, relationship-based leadership and sales, and the next generation workplace. Dan leverages his authentic, no-nonsense approach to deliver provocative, inspiring and practical keynotes and workshops. His presentations are hypercustomized to deliver the biggest impact for each and every client.

5. HEALTH AND FITNESS NUT – After surviving cancer at age 27, Dan became an avid health and fitness nut, running, biking, swimming, practicing yoga and doing anything else he can to stay connected to youth, vibrancy and most of all the “art of the possible.” He regularly participates in races, competitions, and experience-based exercise for charities including The Challenged Athletes Foundation, Spartan Races, Ragnar Relay, and Swim 24. He has also been fortunate enough to train with Navy Seals and Special Forces through his coaching with The Honor Foundation. Want to work out with him when he visits for your keynote? He’s in.

6. MASTER COACH & SALES TRAINER – Dan is the consummate “speed” and impact keynoter, coach, and consultant. He blends the speed and acuity of his raw, direct New York attitude with the helpful, empowering approach of a transplanted Californian. Unlike other coaches, he gets you, the problem, and the solution instantaneously. He has your back, helps you get where you want to go, and teaches you how to coach yourself to sustain forward action. His relationship-based system helps people and companies win the job, promotion, team project, sale or business immediately.

Dan measures his success solely by the value and impact he delivers to individuals and companies. He is described as “totally awesome, great insightm actionable feedback, delivering value by the minute and just great to be around.”

Testimonials 4

  • Dan has incredible energy and it’s contagious. It was truly one of the most motivating and thought-provoking presentations that I’ve heard.

    Chris Marsh

    Managing Director, UBS

  • Dan’s presentation isn’t just talk. He gave us real, actionable tools and strategies for engaging our
    millennial workforce and developing next generation leaders.

    Randi Rosen

    Principal, KPMG

  • Dan’s direct, bold and provocative style is unmatched. He gets everyone to engage and lean in, right
    from the beginning. One of the best presentations I’ve heard in a long time.

    Lacey Stenson

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Over the past few years we have invited and heard from speakers on the topic of the multi-generational
    workplace. The CEOs and Key Executives who “endured” these presentations found little value. And
    then we met Dan Negroni.

    Dan does not wallow in the four-generation workforce but laser focuses his work on understanding,
    attracting, managing, coaching and retaining the Millennials. This generation is the largest segment of
    the U.S. population and they represent not only the new workforce but also customers.

    Dan delivers a highly interactive and challenging workshop. You leave with immediate actionable
    techniques that will improve your company and your culture.

    Jim Tenuto

    Owner, Renaissance Executive Forums San Diego

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