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Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky

Speaker, Author, Consultant & Psychologist

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About Speaker Gustavo Grodnitzky…

Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky is a speaker, consultant, psychologist, and author whose diverse background brings a unique and multidimensional perspective to his global clients. After obtaining his Ph.D. in clinical and school psychology, he completed post-docs in both cognitive therapy and forensic psychology. He has previously run an inpatient drug rehabilitation unit in a correctional institution and an outpatient mental health center.

Why Dr. Grodnitzky?

Gustavo Grodnitzky has a Ph.D. in clinical and school psychology and has extensive experience in interpersonal communications, strategic planning, change management and development of
organizational culture. For well over a decade, he has been a consultant for corporations, groups and individual executives, at numerous Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller companies. Dr.
Gustavo has presented at a variety of national and international professional conferences, has written numerous manuscripts for publication and is often called on to review books and manuscripts prior to publication. His book, Culture Trumps Everything, is available on Amazon and all fine online book retailers.

Participants will leave with specific action plans outlining what steps are required, strategically and tactically, to implement their "culture factors" as well as individual steps to maximize employee performance. These steps will be outlined for each member in a readily accessible format such that participants can refer to their plan on a daily and weekly basis.

Since the year 2000, Dr. Grodnitzky has focused on engagements with corporate clients, and he has worked with Global 1000 companies around the world, as well as with smaller, often family run, businesses. As a professional speaker and consultant, he has delivered more than 1,000 presentations on a variety of topics, including corporate culture, emotional intelligence, building trust in organizations, and integrating multigenerational workforces.

Dr. Grodnitzky’s recent book, Culture Trumps Everything: The Unexpected Truth about the Ways Environment Changes Biology, Psychology, and Behavior, investigates the powerful ways
how organizational culture impacts the creation of “quintessence” in organizations. It is this quintessence – or lack thereof – that ultimately determines the success and sustainability of organizations. If we want to ensure the best possible outcomes for ourselves and our
organizations, we must focus on developing an organizational culture that fosters quintessence, and leads to success for all stakeholders, because… culture trumps everything.

When not traveling to see clients or give presentations, Dr. Grodnitzky lives in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado with his wife and his Black Lab.

Testimonials 3

  • Dr. Gustavo’s presentation on culture was powerful, insightful, and extremely valuable! The time invested was extremely worthwhile and something that I would highly recommend to anyone that is responsible for driving and sustaining a positive culture within their organization.

    I’ve just purchased his book and will certainly be recommending it to members of my leadership team.

    Eric Caesar

    VP of Human Resources, Ellison Technologies

  • Gustavo, your presentation and breakouts were tremendous!  I knew it as you were presenting your topic, and your knowledge and delivery hit the whole thing out of the ball park. We have been using the same polling questions, since 2004 and I am pleased to let you know that you had the highest rating ever!!  In fact your rating with members was 4.96 out of 5 and we had 126 people complete the evaluation. Thank you for your exceptional work!

    Brian Slack

    CEO, Pro-Link Inc.

  • Gustavo’s captivating presentation style engaged a wide range of H.G. Fenton participants.  Our attendees remarked that his presentation was interesting, informative and entertaining.  He cleverly engages the audience by weaving his extensive knowledge and experience with humor to engage his audience.  I recommend him without reservation.

    Kari Prevost

    VP/General Counsel, HG Fenton Company

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