Keynote Speaker Gary Getz

Gary Getz

Corporate Strategy Expert

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    $10,001 - $20,000 i
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    California, USA

Suggested Keynote Speeches & Programs

  • Customer Equity: Building and Managing Relationships As Valuable Assets
  • Thinking Like a Revolutionary
  • Competing for the Future
  • Strategic Flexibility

Gary Getz’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Gary Getz is a corporate strategy expert, who in twenty-five years as a marketer, strategist and consultant, has worked with clients – in industries from orange juice to computers, and from wireless communications to insurance – on resolving their most significant business strategy, corporate growth, and customer and channel management issues. Gary Getz blends customer- and technology-based approaches to innovation and growth in working with clients. Gary focuses on helping companies to liberate the value of the strategic assets within their core businesses, as well as to conquer the organizational challenges of managing core and emerging or disruptive businesses simultaneously.

Gary Getz’s book Customer Equity focuses on how companies can evaluate the financial value of their customer relationships to guide all of the investments they make in customer-related activities. His work has also been published in Fortune Magazine, Harvard Management Update, European Management JournalThe Handbook of Business Strategy, Internet World, and in Planning Review.

More About Gary Getz . . .
In his work, Gary Getz has collaborated with organizations to re-conceive definitions of their businesses; set strategies to redefine the bases of competition in their industries; develop and launch new business ventures; create new offerings to meet articulated and unarticulated market needs; initiate customer behavior data mining and web-based marketing efforts; decrease customer acquisition costs; increase customer retention and profitability; redefine channel, trade management, customer service, and promotion strategies; and develop and implement effective organizational designs.

Gary Getz holds a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard.

Testimonials 2

  • “Gary engaged us in a process, put a structure on the conversation, and illuminated opportunities that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see.”

    Dennis Hunter

    Vice President for Corporate Strategy Development, Applied Materials

  • “We selected Gary because of his reputation in driving innovative thinking with clients and because he had a specific methodology to share that could become part of our ongoing business process.”

    Sherri Bealkowski

    General Manager Global Accounts, Americas, Microsoft Corportation

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