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 Speaker Judy Collins

Judy Collins

Legendary Folk Singer & Activist

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Judy Collins is on of a few artists with such strong staying power. She has celebrated over 50 years of recording with 37 albums, top ten hits, Grammy wins, and gold and platinum status. It is certainly no wonder that she was the muse for the classic rock song “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”

Through her extraordinary passion for words and music, Judy was able to survive the pain of losing her son who committed suicide at age 33. She is the author of the books Sanity and Grace, a deeply moving memoir of her journey from agony to hope and clarity, and the 2011 memoir Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, an evocative, deeply personal account of her life, in which she talks about her alcoholism, her relationships, and the music that helped define a generation.

Collins offers solace in the face of grief and loss. She breaks down the barriers of helplessness and secrecy to openly discuss the after-effects of suicide. Speaking clearly and with a gift for creative expression, she assures us all that there is only one way to heal: right through the pain. Collins found relief in her deepest moments of suffering by reaching out to others for help and support. Now she extends her hand to comfort other survivors whose lives have been struck by similar tragedies.

In line with her belief in creativity’s power to nourish the soul, Judy Collins has also written Morning, Noon, and Night: Living the Creative Life, an enthralling peek into her creative mind. Judy’s versatility and sensitivity continue to draw the world to her remarkable talent.

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  • Wonderful!!! Ms. Collins was delightful as a speaker and an individual! She was so supportive of mental health issues overall and personalized it to Galveston as well! Additionally, at the VIP reception, she took time with individuals and listened to their stories and shared different things. She was just delightful! Everyone was enamored with her—you helped FSC have a most successful event!

    Family Service Center

  • I knew she would be good when you suggested that I should book her. I didn’t realize that she would be awesome.

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