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Keynote Speaker Linda Galindo

Linda Galindo

Keynote speaker and educator, consultant and author

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About Linda Galindo

Keynote speaker and educator, consultant and author, Linda Galindo teaches audiences how to bring accountability into their organizations to significantly improve performance.

Galindo inspires leaders to empower themselves, and those that follow them, to speak the truth, focus on what matters and be fully accountable for the results they produce.


Galindo has a depth of experience in healthcare and government – bringing the principles of accountability to organizations where it is truly needed – at the leadership level. She also consults with clients in a growing variety of verticals including energy, financial, medical devices, transportation, insurance and the arts. Accountability is a message more and more industries and organizations want to embrace.

Books and Articles

The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success – No Nonsense, No Excuses is Galindo’s “accountability primer.” The book offers a re-framed approach to accountability – inviting everyone to understand that to be effective as a leader there has to be personal accountability. Leaders shift their internal voice from one of victim to one of total owner, whether results are good or bad, and expect their followers to do the same. Galindo says, “Leaders – and ultimately their followers – internalize ‘it starts with me.’ At that point, an honest conversation about success can begin.”

Galindo is also the author of Way to Grow! Cultivating the Weeds, Daisies and Orchids in Your Organization. Effectively allocating time and coaching to employees can be one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders today. Way to Grow! Will helps leader’s and managers determine who needs time and how much time to allocate.

Galindo has written hundreds of articles on the topic of accountability and posts to her Accountability Blog twice a month.

Speaking and Teaching

Galindo speaks nationally on the topics of accountable leadership and creating the culture change to bring about an accountable organization. She serves as faculty for the Governance Institute (serving boards of directors and C-suite healthcare executives) and the Institute for Management Studies. She speaks to leadership conferences all over the world.


A former journalist and radio news personality, Galindo made the shift to consulting, speaking and writing about accountability over 20 years ago. Galindo noticed that news stories were about people, especially leaders in business and government, who were not accountable.

“I wanted to put the topic of accountability in our national conversation before crises and problems arose,” says Galindo. “I got tired of reporting on situations in which accountability was not present but should have been. Rather than talking about accountability after the fact – often when it was already too late to make an impact – I have made it my life’s work to bring accountability proactively into organizations at the leadership level before-the-fact. The business case to do so is compelling. Real leaders understand The Straight Truth®: ‘Accountability starts with me.’”

Testimonials 12

  • “Linda is a superb presenter and educator. I have scheduled many workshops with her in cities all over the world and the depth of her expertise is remarkable. If you want to raise the level of accountability in your organization, get all of your resources aligned and ensure the best possible execution of your strategy, she is an invaluable resource. As a speaker she is dynamic, entertaining and above all authentic. She tells it like it is! She has always been a delight to work with and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity!”

    Steven Daniel

    The Institute for Management Studies

  • “Linda hit it out of the ballpark! Following the conference, I heard comments like, ‘This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended.’ ‘Linda helped me to think about my road blocks a new way.’ ‘I am so grateful you brought Linda here.’ Frankly, I can’t share enough superlatives about the impact that Linda’s message had for our conference attendees. She is sophisticated, easy to relate to, funny, smart, spot-on, and much more.

    Laurel Cannon Alder

    Change Leader Conference Coordinator

  • “Linda Galindo is engaging, funny and totally willing to punch you in the face if she needs to get your attention and open your mind. She is very bright and has an uncanny way of using that intellect of modeling her theories in a very common sense, down to earth way.”

    Farley Sowards

    Director of Orthopedics, Physician Group of Utah

  • “Linda is dynamic, engaging and has excellent rapport that spans the c-level suite to the shop floor. I would encourage anyone looking for an organizational change expert to consider Linda. The concept [of Accountability] is simple but a trusted advisor is vital to putting the principles in practice.”

    Reno Samuel

    Senior Director, Global Marketing at SAP

  • “Every time I get a chance to listen to Linda, I’m revved up and ready to take on the world. I take away lessons that impact my work immediately and help me think about my personal and professional long-term success. Linda is your best bet for Accountability!”

    Jessica Kennedy

    Associate Publisher at Gallup

  • “I am pleased to recommend Linda Galindo as a speaker on Accountability. Linda recently provided a customized presentation to the world-wide leaders in our organization at a venue in Athens, Greece. Her keynote was interactive, engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. Although the process of instilling a culture of accountability is a long one, our leaders left Linda’s session feeling motivated to start the journey!”

    Amy Wesley

    SABIS Executive Director

  • “I write to thank you for being our guest speaker at our director’s meeting – I was taken by your presentation. We know how your presentation hit the core of our organization, ‘accountability’ regardless of how the crowd accepted and heard your message.

    Simply stated, “Thank you!” for recognizing that accountability is not for all, cannot be mandated but only demonstrated.”

    SABIS Acting Director of ISC-Al Ain

  • “I live the lessons every day and share them with those I mentor. No surprise, that they too have had wonderful success.”


    Senior VP, Workers Compensation and Risk

  • “Linda is an entertaining and energetic speaker. Her topic and concepts around accountability are relatable, timely and important. Not only does she present topics we all need to hear but she does it with flair, style and humor. I will remember the examples she gave in her speech for years to come. She will surely change your life in a days time, just as she has changed mine. No one rocks accountability like Linda!”

    Lea Guillory

    Coach, Lea Lily Coaching

  • “I have seen Linda Galindo multiple times give her keynote speech on Accountability, and she has never disappointed. Her use of humor, and the straight truth have a huge impact on her message. If you want your employees to be more accountable, then I would recommend Linda to deliver her Accountability Experience message to your organization.”

    Chuck Bushnell

  • “Several years ago I attended a workshop that Linda led for an information technology department. The audience had employees, managers, and vice presidents. As Linda began she noticed that some of the people in the room were checking their devices (It happened to be the VP and the Assistant VP). Without calling attention to them specifically she gracefully noted that our employer was paying for her to present and paying for us to attend. We were accountable for our attention to her and each other. She set clear expectations. As an employee in that group I was impressed. The devices were turned off, attention was fixed, and Linda proceeded to present. The quality of her content, the energy of her presentation, and her challenges to and engagement of the audience makes that presentation memorable to this day. Her message of accountability as MY responsibility made quite an impression on me. It’s my job to be accountable for my performance, clearly manage expectations, and expect the same from my colleagues. She provided me with the tools for me to use when I experience lack of accountability. What I learned from her made me a better leader and a better follower and teammate.”

    Harold Strawbridge

  • “When Linda Galindo begins to speak you think, “wow, I wish my boss was hearing this, I wish my spouse was hearing, …” And then you settle in and realize YOU are the only one you can change. Adopting the mindset Linda shares gives you the narrative, the courage, the “know how”, to make a difference in your life and your world!”

    Janet Buchanan

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