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Naomi Judd’s Main Accomplishments Include . . .
From humble beginnings as a single Mom in a small Kentucky town, to her meteoric rise as a country music superstar and American icon, Naomi Judd’s incredible lifelong journey is an inspiring story of overcoming the odds through optimism and hard work.

Naomi Judd was first known to the world as half of country music’s mother/daughter duo, The Judds. Reaching unprecedented success throughout the 80’s and 90’s, The Judds sold 20 million records, scored fifteen #1 hits and received over sixty industry awards, including six Grammy’s and seven consecutive CMA “Vocal Group of the Year” awards and the ACM’s “Top Vocal Duet” award. At the pinnacle of their career, Naomi Judd was stricken with Hepatitis C, a potentially fatal chronic liver disease, incurred from an infected needle when she worked as a registered nurse, cutting short her musical career and forcing her into retirement to battle the disease. The Judds bid farewell to the fans in 1991, but Naomi Judd did not step out of the public spotlight for long.

Today, Naomi Judd is a survivor of Hepatitis C and served as the first national spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation. Using her fame, her experience as a former RN and her passion to help people, Naomi Judd has re-directed her energies into communicating her findings and research and educating audiences about the scientific link between mind, body and spirit in the healing process as a keynote speaker. A member of Dr. Andrew Weil’s board of directors, Naomi Judd advocates an integrative holistic approach to medicine along with the latest in modern technology. Naomi Judd helps to bridge the conversation between academia, medical communities and the everyday person about health and family-related issues whether her audience is the National Institutes of Health or a group of uninsured, single working mothers.

In 2004, Naomi Judd’s self-penned bestseller, Naomi’s Breakthrough Guide, 20 Choices to Transform Your Life, remained on The New York Times best-seller list for over eight weeks. In 2005, Naomi wrote her third children’s book, Gertie the Goldfish, and in 2006, The Transparent Life hit the shelves. Hallmark Channel tapped Naomi Judd to host, Naomi’s New Morning, a weekly talk show that aired 2005 to 2007. In 2007, Naomi Judd released yet another best-seller titled Naomi’s Guide to Aging Gratefully which was a message of empowerment to the millions of Baby Boomers in this country. She also served as spokesperson for Partners Against Pain, Post Cereal’s “Heart Health” campaign, Prilosec and AARP. And coming full circle to where the world first encountered this unique, captivating personality, Naomi Judd helped launch CMT’s reality competition hit, Can You Duet? as a talent judge.

More About Naomi Judd . . .

Naomi Judd continues humanitarian efforts including: River Cities Harvest, the Saint Louis University Liver Center, M.A.D.D., Parents Television Council, Make-A-Difference Day, Women’s World Peace Initiative, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and created her own July 4th Judd’s Annual Food Drive to benefit families of Appalachia. Described as the “Star Next Door” for her extraordinary talents and “tell it like it is” candor, Naomi Judd provides an authentic voice to communicate complicated issues that touch upon subjects ranging from health and wellness, aging, parenting, and the power of the mind, body, spirit connection.


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