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The Thinkers50, is the premier ranking of the top global business, management, strategy and leadership thinkers whose ideas have the potential to change the world. With a potential impact that extends far beyond the business arena to address issues ranging from reducing poverty to building a sustainable model of capitalism, The Thinkers50 has ten established criteria by which thinkers are evaluated: originality of ideas; practicality of ideas; presentation style; written communication; loyalty of followers; business sense; international outlook; rigor of research; impact of ideas and the elusive guru factor. BigSpeak is proud to represent these renowned Thinkers50 motivational speakers, authors and thought leaders and deliver their vanguard leadership and management programs, groundbreaking ideas and dynamic presentations to our clients.

John Kotter

Professor (Emeritus) Harvard Business School, World Renowned Thought Leader on Change Management and Leadership

Marshall Goldsmith

Renowned Executive Coach, Business Author, Thought-Leader, Management and Leadership Expert

Vijay Govindarajan

Dartmouth International Business Professor, Strategy and Innovation Expert, Director of the Tuck Center for Global Leadership

David Norton

Renowned Management and Strategy Thought-Leader, Co-Creator of The Balanced Scorecard

Maya Hu-Chan

Global Leadership and Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Cross-Cultural Business Skills Expert

Anil K. Gupta

Professor of Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Business Author and Thought-Leader on Strategy and Globalization

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