Keynote Speaker Drew Boyd

Drew Boyd

Johnson & Johnson Veteran, Corporate Innovation Expert, Co-author of Inside The Box: A Proven System Of Creativity For Breakthrough Results

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With his passion,energy, provocative style and humor, Drew Boyd convinces leaders and managers to see innovation not as a gift, but a skill that everyone in the organization can master. Boyd is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts, trainers and thought leaders in corporate innovation methods.

Drew Boyd brings a wealth of experience and success to his work in innovation. He served as a marketing executive for 17 years at Johnson & Johnson, one of the most admired and innovative companies in the world. As director of Marketing Mastery at J&J, he created and led an internal marketing university that taught executives the skills of innovation, strategy and persuasion. Today, Boyd is executive director of the Master of Science in Marketing Program at the University of Cincinnati and the co-author of the widely-acclaimed book Inside the Box: A Proven System for Creativity and Breakthrough Results. He now shares with audiences how innovation is not brainstorming but rather a structured process to focus creative output. Boyd’s step-by-step process starts with creating a hypothetical solution first and then outlining the problems that it solves. This is exactly opposite of the traditional way people invent as usually one starts with a problem and then tries to invent solutions to solve it. That is not always effective because many times we do not know all the problems that will be encountered when using a new product or service. When we reverse the direction—solution to problem—unforeseen problems are uncovered and innovative solutions are developed. He also discusses with audiences how to organize and lead innovation teams and embed innovation into the corporate culture to ensure that the ability to innovate is sustained through organizational change.

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  • “Drew Boyd’s presentation was very interesting and thought provoking. He inspired the audience with his useful business solutions.”

    National Coil Coating Association

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