Jay Abraham

Marketing Strategist; CEO & Founder, The Abraham Group

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    California, USA

  • Jay Abraham`s Keynote Speaker Fee Fee range is for U.S. events, depending on location and organization type

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  • Travels From

    California, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is often referred to as “The 9 Billion Dollar Man” for adding more than nine billion dollars in combined profits to his clients’ bottom lines. As the founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc., Jay is recognized as one of the world’s most successful/impactful marketing strategists, business innovators, entrepreneurial advisors/mentors, and masters of “revenue and performance enhancement and acceleration.” He has spent the last 25 years solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom lines of more than 10,000 clients in more than 450 industries worldwide.  And he’s studied and solved almost every kind of sales/marketing/competitive-edge question, problem, challenge and opportunity.

Jay’s ability to increase business income, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities has captured the attention and respect of CEOs, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Jay’s clients range from business royalty to small business owners who have profited greatly from Jay’s expertise. 2,000 business books positively refer to him and his body of work.

Jay has identified the patterns that limit and restrict business growth. He’ s one of only a very few people who realize that most industries only know and use one particular marketing approach — even though there may be dozens of more effective and profitable strategies and options available to them.

Jay shows his clients how to take different success concepts from different industries and adopt them to their specific business. This gives Jay’s clients a powerful advantage over their competition.

Jay grows businesses for a living – all over the world. He’s helped companies in over 465 different industries, on five continents. Additionally, over 1,000 marketing consultants have been influenced by his work in over 30 countries internationally.

Renowned for finding overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, underperforming activities, undervalued potential, and underutilized relationships inside and out of businesses.


“Jay Abraham is to marketing what Robin Williams is to comedy … a natural. I’ve been learning from Jay since the early 80’s but only recently heard him speak before a large audience. He amazes me! Jay’s gift for understanding marketing principles and caring about people is evident. His value as a coach is enormous. I recommend that all business people become students of Jay Abraham.”

Jim Cathcart

author of The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how appreciative and thrilled I was with your presentation during our Financial Mastery program.  The fact that your were besieged with requests, more so than any other speaker of our 34 speaker format, is a testimony in itself. Your flexibility and focus on delivering value to our program I know will be enjoyed by our participants and customers for years to come.

Michael T. Hutchison

Vice President, Robbins Research International, Inc.

“Jay took my business model, totally deconstructed it, and helped me re-engineer it from the ground up. This resulted in me doubling my business in one year!”

Ramit Sethi

New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Jay Abraham… possibly the greatest marketing expert alive today … a man who can turn you from a marketing greenhorn into a marketing green beret!”

Success Magazine


Jay Abraham has a powerful knowledge of how things work, and how you can create a competitive edge for yourself.”

Anthony Robbins

Iconic Personal Power Expert


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