Keynote Speaker Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky

"Out-of-the-box" Visionary, Founder of the Global Future Education Foundation, Author

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Marc Prensky, coiner of the term “Digital Native” and author of seven books, is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and visionary in the field of education. He promotes civilization-level change in global education, championing an emerging new “Real-World-Impact Project Education” paradigm for Empowerment, Accomplishment and a Better World that more directly benefits all students and the world in which they live.  Marc has spoken in over 40 countries. His writings have been translated into a dozen languages. Marc is the founder of The Global Future Education Foundation and Institute, devoted to promoting Accomplishment-Based Education, and The Real-World-Impact Project Education Network, uniting all those in the world offering an “Empowered to Accomplish” education to kids. Previously in his career Marc headed an early prototype charter school, worked as a consultant and Product Development Director at the Boston Consulting Group, and founded and ran a learning games company. Marc holds an MBA degree from Harvard (with distinction) and a Masters in Teaching degree from Yale. He has taught at all levels, from elementary to college. Marc’s many writings, interviews and videos can be found at

Why Marc?

Marc Prensky will change your audience’s perspective on education. Widely-known as one of the most future-thinking, out-of-the-box thinkers in the education field,  Marc will inspire your audience with a doable vision of a new type of education far better suited for our kids’ future—already emerging in the world—and show us how to get there. His predictions are notable for coming true.


Testimonials 3

  • “Marc Prensky understands the revolutionary implications of digital culture for education better than anyone I know. His insights and clarity illuminate the extraordinary possibilities of the future.”

    Sir Ken Robinson, Speaker and Author

  • “Marc Prensky offers us a lucid, inspiring, optimistic, doable and crucial blueprint for how we can build a future with the schools children desperately need.”

    James Paul Gee, Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor, Arizona State University

  • “An Interesting and inspirational keynote”

    Dr. Lauryn Evans, Superintendent North Kitsap School District, WA

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