Top 10 Leadership and Motivational Business Speakers

Companies led by strong leaders outperform the market and dominate industries. But being a strong leader takes more than a fancy title and giving orders. It takes vision, understanding, listening, and empathy. Fortunately, anyone can learn leadership skills if they take the time. That’s why executives and businesses around the world seek insights from the top leadership experts to harness their natural abilities for success.

From NFL stars to cutting-edge researchers to highly acclaimed authors, BigSpeak Speakers Bureau has leadership keynote speakers with valuable insights to help you and your business grow. These are our top 10 leadership and motivational business speakers in 2018 that are inspiring businesses, nonprofits, sports associations and universities to challenge the status quo to improve their organizational success with strong leadership.

Mike Abrashoff

Mike Abrashoff is a leadership and performance expert, former US Naval Commander, and bestselling author of It’s Your Ship, which has sold more than 1 million copies. When Abrashoff took command of the worst-performing ship in the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, 12 months later he turned it into the best ship in the entire Navy—using the same crew. In his talks and workshops, Abrashoff teaches organizations how to achieve breakthrough performance.

Robyn Benincasa

Robyn Benincasa is a top motivational speaker on leadership, CNN Hero, adventure racing world champion, founder of Project Athena, and bestselling author. She won the World Adventure Race two times and holds three Guinness World Record for long-distance kayaking. Her book on teamwork and leadership, How Winning Works, is a New York Times bestseller. Her entertaining keynotes show audiences the foundations of inspired leadership and how to win as a team.

Tom Flick

Tom Flick is a top leadership speaker, former NFL Quarterback, and an expert on leading change and accelerating performance. He is the founder of Tom Flick Communications and a former NFL quarterback who once played backup to NFL great Dan Fouts in San Diego. Each year Tom speaks to over 100,000 people on the topics of leadership and change.

Libby Gill

Libby Gill is a top leadership speaker, executive coach, and CEO of the executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company. She has served as a Vice President at Universal Pictures and her book You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life won an Independent Publisher Book Award in the category of self-help. Gill uses her research on the science of hope to teach leaders how to inspire employees.

Peter Guber

Peter Guber is Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group and co-owner of the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers. Under his leadership, his sports organizations have reached five championship series, winning three of them. Known for his “golden touch” as a movie producer, his films garnered five Best Picture Academy Award nominations (winning one for Rain Man) as well as many box office hits. He speaks on leadership, teamwork, and selling through story.

Carey Lohrenz

Carey Lohrenz was the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, having flown missions worldwide as a combat-mission-ready United States Navy pilot. Lohrenz is used to working in fast moving, dynamic environments, where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results and she translates this to a business setting. She speaks on how to develop high performing teams and leadership best practices.

Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn is a top keynote speaker, storyteller and former Pixar Story Artist with 20 years’ experience at Pixar. He has contributed to Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Cars, and many others. Matthew uses storytelling skills to help Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals bridge the gap between business and emotion so they can build stronger brands, craft better content, and provide insightful leadership.

Thomas Kolditz

Thomas Kolditz is a leadership speaker and expert, retired Brigadier General, and author of In Extremis Leadership: Leading as if Your Life Depended on It, which was based on more than 175 interviews taken on the ground in Iraq during combat operations. He has been named a top leadership Thought Leader by the Leader to Leader Institute and has appeared as an expert on more than a dozen national and international news agencies.

Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph is a top entrepreneur and innovation keynote speaker, Netflix co-founder, and angel investor. He has 40 years experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. His dynamic keynote presentations focus on what it takes for entrepreneurs to innovate and lead their companies to success.

Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman is a top leadership and motivational speaker based on her groundbreaking leadership research and expertise in her bestselling book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. Her cutting-edge strategies and insights on leadership have made her one of the most booked leadership speakers.

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