Top Motivational Keynote Speakers: From Your Favorite Celebrities to Up-And-Comers

Top motivational keynote speakers come from all types of backgrounds. Speakers can be former athletes, business entrepreneurs, military heroes, tragedy survivors, or entertainers. Some were famous before they started motivational keynote speaking, while others became known after working their way up to the big stages.

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Famous Celebrity Motivational Speakers

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is known for his 13-year professional basketball career with the L.A. Lakers, including 12 NBA All-Star games and an Olympic gold medal win. After retiring from professional basketball, Magic became a leading spokesperson for HIV education and a motivational speaker. In his talks, Johnson delivers a passionate message about his life story and how we can all make a difference.


Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom is an inspirational speaker, bestselling author of Molly’s Game, and the business mind who created the most exclusive, high-stakes poker game in the world. Her inspirational story covers everything from building a successful business to overcoming addiction to losing everything and rebuilding her life again.


Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton was a rising teenage surfing sensation when she lost her arm to a 14-foot tiger shark. But one month after the attack, Bethany returned to the water. A year later she won her first national title. Bethany wows audiences with her story of coming back from personal injury.


Successful Author Motivational Speakers

James Clear

James Clear is a personal development keynote speaker who motivates audiences to change their lives through small habits. He gives valuable lessons from his New York Times bestselling book Atomic Habits, which has sold over 3 million copies and been translated into multiple languages.


Jia Jiang

Jia Jiang is a top resilience keynote speaker with the most viewed TED Talk of 2017. Using lessons from his bestselling book Rejection Proof, Jiang inspires people to become resilient by learning how to approach rejection.


Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph is a top entrepreneur speaker, Netflix co-founder, and angel investor. He inspires audiences to follow their ideas with lessons from his Amazon #1 bestselling book That Will Never Work where he shares the story of creating Netflix.


Professional Motivational Speakers

Robyn Benincasa

Robyn Benincasa is a top motivational speaker, Adventure Racing world champion, and bestselling author of How Winning Works. In her entertaining and funny keynotes, she motivates audiences to succeed together by explaining how to win as a team.


James Lawrence

James Lawrence is a motivational speaker and world-record endurance holder for completing the greatest feat of human endurance in 2015: 50 full-distance triathlons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days (50.50.50). Lawrence inspires audiences to keep going towards their goals by teaching them a successful mindset.


Jade Simmons

Jade Simmons is a rockstar concert pianist, powerhouse motivational speaker, and a best of SXSW performer. Her mainstage keynote presentations potently combine music, virtuoso performance, and riveting storytelling to speak to the hearts, minds, and goals of a company’s most valuable resource…its people.


Up-and-Coming Motivational Speakers

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is an inspirational keynote speaker, founder of Mindvalley, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and The Badass. Vishen inspires audiences to achieve personal excellence by teaching them the mindset to succeed.


Chris Bashinelli

Chris Bashinelli is a motivational keynote speaker and host of the PBS program Bridge the Gap. He shows audiences how life’s challenges can help develop our empathy. Attendees come away with an understanding of how to bridge the gap between “them” and “us” so they can look out for the best interests of others.


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