What Motivates the Motivators?

At BigSpeak, we believe that motivation is the key to your success, whether you need to be motivated to consistently do a good job at work or to finish some big, hairy, audacious goal after years of struggle. Our top inspirational and motivational speakers inspire and delight business audiences all over the world. But where do they find their energy and inspiration?

To find out, BigSpeak reached out to our top motivational and inspirational speakers to discover what is motivating our biggest motivators in 2018. Their answers were as varied as they were surprising.

“What’s Motivating You in 2018?”

Aaron Ross

Sales Speaker, Business Growth Expert, and Bestselling Author of Predictable Revenue

Having 9 kids, with 5 in private school!!!

Chip Eichelberger

Top Motivational Speaker, Former Tony Robbins Int’l Point Man, Author, and Sales Leader

I am going back to the basics. I have one of the great personal development cassette libraries around. We just moved and I donated about 80% of them and kept the BEST. I am going old school and listening to the best cassette series from Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley and Napoleon Hill.

There are very few “new” ideas out there. Their wisdom is just as valuable today as it was when I first listened to it over 30 years ago.

Erik Qualman

#1 Bestselling Author and Digital Leadership Expert, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and Top 50 Professor

I’m inspired to do less this year! You don’t see that on too many t-shirts do you? As I’ve been privileged to interview, research, and surround myself with today’s Digital Leaders one common thread stands out. They’ve all learned that it’s not about adding stuff, it’s about taking away. This is the opposite of what 99% of us do when setting goals and resolutions. We start adding items to our already full plate. Not this year.

This year I’m motivated to do what I’ve learned from interviewing the world’s top performers. I’m going to do less. I’m going to stop multitasking. I’m going to focus. Specifically, each morning and throughout the day I’m going to pause, breath and ask the simple question: “What is the one thing, that if I do it well, makes everything else easier or unnecessary.” This is what motivates me and I hope it inspires you too!

Jia Jiang

Founder of Wuju Learning, Most Viewed TED Talk of 2017, Bestselling Author

What motivates me in 2018 is my single goal to turn the Rejection movement into an app that millions of people would use.

Josh Linkner

Top Innovation Speaker, Tech Entrepreneur, and New York Times Bestselling Author

For me, two things:  

1) The opportunity to elevate the world by unlocking creativity and innovation. If I can help organizations unleash just 5 percent more of these attributes, they enjoy tremendous success, create jobs, and help the world. This is my big dream…to elevate the world’s creative capacity.   

2) I’m the proud dad of 1-year-old twins (boy and girl). Talk about inspiring and motivating!

Libby Gill

Top Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, and CEO of  Libby Gill & Company

My inspiration for 2018 is the science of hopefulness, called hope theory. I’ve spent years researching this topic and I’m delighted to have compiled my research, along with case studies and client stories, into my new book, The Hope-Driven Leader: Harness the Power of Positivity at Work.

With this book–endorsed by bestselling authors Stephen M.R. Covey, Bob Burg, Joe Calloway, CEO of Wicked Good Cupcakes and star of Shark Tank, Tracey Noonan; and numerous business and thought leaders–I’ll be able to help people experiencing change, challenge, and chaos. I plan to guide emerging and established leaders to create more purposeful and productive workplaces by shifting mindsets from siloed to collaborative and productivity levels from sluggish to robust.

My ultimate goal is to disprove the old adage “Hope is not a strategy,” and show the world–now when we need it most–that hope IS a strategy!

Robert Richman

Culture Architect and Customer Experience Expert, Co-creator of Zappos Insights

Robyn Benincasa

Top Leadership and Teamwork Speaker, World Champion Adventure Racer, CNN Hero, and Bestselling Author

In 2018, I’m Inspired to help people (and animals:)) discover and reach their huge, hairy dreams and goals…

1) In my speaking business, I love helping corporate clients and their teams embrace the idea that building, leading and inspiring a team for the journey is how we consistently WIN!

2) In my nonprofit, The Project Athena Foundation, I love helping Survivors of medical or traumatic setbacks cross crazy-challenging, adventurous finish lines as part of their recovery. It’s truly a joy to watch our amazing Athenas (and Zeuses!) shock and Inspire themSELVES—and to show them that they’re never defined by their setbacks…they’re defined by their COMEBACKS!

3) In my next nonprofit endeavor, the Valentine Animal Sanctuary, in Sedona AZ (which I hope to break ground on at the end of the year!), I and my family/team want to help homeless creatures, great and small, to live their dream of a happy, healthy, long, and LOVED life by providing a forever-happy home.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tom Kolditz

Leadership Speaker and Expert, retired Brigadier General, and Executive Director of the Doerr Institute for New Leaders

Inspiration and the motivation that follows are simply choices. I choose to be inspired, from the inside out. The beauty of this attitude is that it can take you through really difficult realities.  

Kyle Crocco is the Marketing Coordinator for BigSpeak, has a Ph.D. in Education from UCSB, and likes to play guitar in his free time.