Women’s Health

Although women and men have many of the same health issues, they often affect women differently. For example, the symptoms of a major women’s health risk heart disease differs from those in men. Some diseases and conditions are also more common in women, including osteoarthritis, obesity and depression, while other conditions, such as menopause and pregnancy are, obviously, unique to women. BigSpeak’s Women’s Healthcare Speakers are renowned experts in their fields, from cardiology to oncology and stress management to nutrition, frequently appearing in the media and on bestseller lists. Whether you need a breast cancer expert, a motivational or keynote speaker for a charity fundraiser, or a work/life balance speaker to provide healthy lifestyle choices to your staff, our Women’s Healthcare Keynote Speakers are, well, women (extraordinary women) possessing invaluable insight, answers and empathy for your audience.

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”
Naomi Judd

Lisa Oz

Lisa Oz

New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Authority on Health and Wellness

Loretta LaRoche

Loretta LaRoche

Renowned Humorist, Stress Management Expert and Star of Emmy-Winning PBS Specials

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