BigSpeak Motivational Speakers Bureau and Talent Agency offers top keynote speakers, and motivational speaker on Philanthropy. Looking for the biggest minds in business for Philanthropy? Look no further than our Speaker’s Bureau and conference speakers.  BigSpeak Speakers Bureau hand picks the best motivational speakers for your organization including famous pioneers, female speakers, black speakers, innovators, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to social justice, philanthropy, and corporate social responsibility.

Top Ten Philanthropy Speakers Who Donate Their Speaking Fees

Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Chairman & CEO Magic Johnson Enterprises, NBA Hall of Fame All-Star, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Mark Thompson

Best Selling Business Author, Entrepreneur, Venture Investor and Executive Leadership Coach

Robert Irvine

World-Class Chef and Host, Restaurant: Impossible, 16-Year Royal Navy Veteran

Desmond Clark

Entrepreneur Speaker, Philanthropist, Former All-Pro Tight End for the Chicago Bears

Sir Richard Branson

Founder and President, Virgin Group, Global Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Philanthropist

Jean Case

Innovation Speaker, Chairman, National Geographic Society & CEO, Case Foundation

Maxine Clark

Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop®, Entrepreneur, Retail Innovator

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