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What does it take to succeed? Some call the secret sauce to success resilience, while others refer to those reserves of determination as grit, fortitude, guts, backbone, moxie, or heart. Whatever you call that quality to continue in the face of apparently insurmountable odds, our Resilience keynote speakers have an abundance of it. At BigSpeak speakers bureau, our Resilience keynote speakers have overcome crushing physical, mental, and spiritual setbacks in their personal and businesses lives only to rise again to new heights. Their stories are inspiring as the setbacks they faced are terrifying. If you are interested in learning how to find your own reserves of resilience, contact BigSpeak speakers bureau today to book one of our top Resilience keynote speakers to motivate and inspire you at your next conference or event.

“I think we build resilience to prepare for whatever adversity we’ll face. And we all face some adversity – we’re all living some form of Option B.” — Sheryl Sandberg

Robert Sutton

Robert Sutton

Organizational Change Keynote Speaker, Stanford Professor, and New York Times Bestselling Author

Paul Stoltz

Paul Stoltz

World's Leading Expert and Consultant on Resilience and Creator of the Adversity Quotient®

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