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About Keynote Speaker Chiqeeta Jameson…

Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Sales Executive, Sales Coach, and Speaker, Chiqeeta Jameson has more than 30 years of sales experience working for major corporations in telephone sales, outside sales and national sales training.

Working as one of over 5000 sales representatives at a major telecommunications corporation, Chiqeeta rose to become the company’s top-selling online advertising sales representative for five consecutive years by generating over 6M in revenue.

Today, Chiqeeta specializes in coaching sales teams, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals by replacing ineffective sales habits with successful sales conversation skills through the teaching of her 9-Step Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy™, Sales Conversation Process.

Chiqeeta is also a breast cancer survivor and advocate for educating women about breast-density—especially about dense-breast tissue and the care that is needed beyond mammography. She is a frequent speaker at women’s events and has been a speaker on the TEDx stage at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.

Chiqeeta lives in Los Angeles with her husband Craig Jameson, an architect specializing in the design of independent schools, along with Aiden McCormack the Jameson, their Golden Retriever.

Testimonials 9

  • “As trusted advisors in the insurance industry, our Team at Tower Insurance prefers to educate our clients about the protections they are buying and away from shopping based on price. Chiqeeta Jameson, Sales Coach, and Trainer visited our office for 2 days and shared her tools and expertise on guiding the client into a “Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy” experience. If you are ready to take your sales process to the next level, then this program is for you!”

    Janice Beighey

    VP, Tower Insurance

  • “Chiqeeta Jameson is so knowledgeable and experienced in the sales process.  She has the unique ability to change the way we ask questions so that the response comes from an emotional place instead of a logical one.  This is the type of thing that will set you apart from the masses and make your sales calls flow with ease and grace.

    Leading your sales calls to a YES to work with you is a natural progression once you have trained with Chiqeeta!”

    Andrea Jenson

    Founder, Cash Flow CFO 

  • “Whether you are a new or seasoned sales professional ‘Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy’, is the next book you should invest in.  Chiqeeta Jameson outlines a simple system that will help you serve your prospects and clients instead of feeling like you have to ‘sell’ them. Plus, you will enjoy her no-nonsense, yet humorous approach to selling!”



    Ursula Mentjes

    Award Winning Author of Selling with One Great Goal and The Belief Zone

  • “Chiqeeta Jameson nails it… not only does she give the reader the exact steps to close those sales, she explains it all so simply…” 

    Allison Maslan

    CEO, Allison Maslan International and Author of Blast Off!

  • “Chiqeeta was consistently a top national performer on our sales team and a five-time recipient of the CEO Award, AT&T’s most prestigious sales honor. Her peers frequently called upon her for coaching and advice. More than just an effective representative, her sales methods were used in various training programs which improved the performance of sales representatives across the company. Chiqeeta is a polished professional, true client advocate and invaluable sales coach.”


    Gale Wickham

    Senior Vice President of Sales, AT&T Advertising Solutions

  • “While it’s one thing to be a top national sales executive, it’s quite another to be personally invested in everything you do. Beyond passionate advocacy, Chiqeeta knows how to intelligently leverage information and bring together the most important resources to expand the reach and messaging of her product. I could list dozens of traits that describe this remarkable woman, but I will let her track record speak for itself.”

    Terri Mittelstadt

    Key Accounts Executive,  AT&T Advertising Solutions

  • “Chiqeeta is one-of-a-kind. Her presentation is still being talked about here at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. When she first talked to me about coming to talk to staff, I didn’t understand why it was important for her to meet with the schedulers, registration and all the other non-ultrasound staff. Now I understand, and that was brilliant!! It makes for great customer service.”

    Nancy Young

    RVT Assistant Manager, Ultrasound, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital

  • “Chiqeeta has helped small business owners develop marketing programs so they could survive the dot-com bubble, real estate bubble and an extended recession. She guided our customers through all of our internal changes and procedures and made them transparent to the customer. She was the first to educate herself and take on any new products with vigor.”



    Trish Birkholz

    Key Account Executive, AT&T Advertising Solutions

  • “As an Account Manager and Director of Women’s Health Advocacy, Chiqeeta independently initiated and developed our specialized educational curriculum for facilities offering the SonoCiné AWBUS exam to their dense-breasted patients. She realized that everyone having contact with a patient must understand what breast density is and be able to effectively educate and explain to women with dense breasts why this exam is crucial for their breast health. Chiqeeta’s passion to inform, and her creative teaching style have made a lasting impact on SonoCiné physicians and staff across the country.”

    Carol Royce-Wilder

    Member of the Board, SonoCiné, Inc.

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