Speaker Dutch


Dutchie Wutchie, Mr. Baby, Stinky

  • Languages Spoken
    Dutch, English, German, Spanish
  • Travels From
    California, USA

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Dutch’s Key Accomplishments Include…

Crowned most handsome of the beasts two years in a row, former shelter pup Dutch is a leader in the fields of digging, rousting, hunting, and roast beef appreciation. A born comedian, he is a lover, not a fighter, and can most often be found sunning himself on his deck or worrying the lizards in his garden.

Critical Statistics

Breed: Pitbull mix

Age: About 4 handsome years

Weight: 65 lb

Height: The knees of a five-foot-tall woman

Charm Points: Spotted belly and enormous head

Favorite Items: Blankets and towels







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