John Tamiazzo

Mind/Body/Spirit Relationships Wellness Author

  • John Tamiazzo`s Keynote Speaker Fee Fee range is for U.S. events, depending on location and organization type

    $7,500 - $10,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    California, USA

  • John Tamiazzo`s Keynote Speaker Fee Fee range is for U.S. events, depending on location and organization type

    $7,500 - $10,000

  • Languages Spoken


  • Travels From

    California, USA

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About Keynote Speaker John Tamiazzo

John Tamiazzo’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .

John A. Tamiazzo, PhD is a renowned expert in the fields of human potential, health, wellness, imagination, and transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal psychology is the study of altered states of consciousness including dreams, meditative states, love, hypnosis, creativity, imagination, transcendence, and spirituality. He has helped thousands of individuals improve the quality of their lives with his invaluable insights and methods for living an extraordinary life. John has presented his dynamic workshops at colleges, universities, institutes, corporations, businesses, non-profit agencies, social service departments, hospitals, professional conferences, churches, and spiritual centers throughout the USA, Canada, and Scandinavia.

His distinguished professional background includes positions as Program Director at three community mental health and research centers: Calabasas Neuropsychiatric Institute, Woodveiw Calabasas Psychiatric Hospital, and Camarillo State Hospital, and Executive Director at two traumatic head and brain injury facilities in Santa Barbara and Ventura, CA.

Dr. Tamiazzo was a long-time Instructor for the University of California Santa Barbara’s Counseling Certification Program, and Santa Barbara City College’s Community Education Program, where over 10,000 students attended his psychology, health, wellness, love, intimacy, and creative applications of imagery classes.

As the Lead Trainer and Consultant for one of the largest commercial and private lenders in the US, providing workshops in communication skills, stress management, and creating harmony in the workplace, John handed out his 26-question peak performance survey to over 500 AVCO employees over a one-year period, analyzed the results, and customized 8 interactive and highly successful workshops.

Dr. Tamiazzo’s book, Returning to the Land of Oz, Finding Hope, Love, & Courage, and his 9 Extraordinary Insights from the Yellow Brick Road Workshops based upon the book, draw upon the best material from his many years of instruction and research in east/west psychology and neuroscience and show participants how to creatively use the power of the mind and the wisdom of the imagination to feel motivated and inspired again, achieve work and personal goals, improve health, make positive life changes, and fulfill their vast potential.

His book Love & be Loved: 8 Steps to Creating Intimacy, and his Creating Intimacy Workshops are based upon the remarkable stories and collective wisdom of thousands of students that attended his classes, and courageously shared their profound experiences with a desire to learn more.

Intimacy is not just the closeness, communication, and sexuality that is expressed within a significant relationship. Intimacy is bigger and broader than that. Intimacy symbolizes the spirit of togetherness, the ease of rapport, the joy of friendliness, the power of confidence, the eloquence of faith, the fundamental need for safety, and the sanctity of trust. These are qualities essential to our survival; essential to our fulfillment within a primary relationship, family, friendship, the workplace, and the community we live in.


“John underscores the importance of imagination while demonstrating to us his own creative, inquisitive and imaginative nature throughout his workshop. What an inspiring speaker!”

Debbie McHann

President, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Santa Barbara Chapter

“The depth and breadth of John’s knowledge and experiences is most impressive. A great presentation!”

Judith Brown, PhD

Author, International Educator and Family Therapist.

“Dr. John Tamiazzo is an exceptional leader, organizer, communicator and original thinker. He always found solutions to bring us together as an organization.”

William J. Yarnall

Former West Coast Manager of Georgia Pacific Commercial Products and the Scott Paper Company


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