Top Ten Disruption and Change Management Speakers

Your industry is always evolving. If you’re not disrupting someone else’s business, then someone is trying to disrupt yours. Disruptive innovation hasn’t just changed the markets for entertainment (Shazam and Apple) but also for information (Google) and communication (Skype). If you’re dealing with disruption or changes to your business landscape, you’ll want to hear from experts who have had first-hand experience handling it.

These disruption and change management keynote speakers have disrupted markets or guided companies who have been disrupted by teaching their change management skills. If you need a top keynote speaker, check out our list of the top ten disruption and change management speakers.

Mitch Lowe

As a C-Suite executive for Netflix, Redbox, and MoviePass, Mitch Lowe has a knack for disrupting the entertainment industry. Learn from his experience.

Kevin Surace

Kevin Surace can teach you about disruptive innovation from his own business ventures. He created the first smartphone and virtual assistant, soundproof drywall (QuietRock), and building materials with lower carbon footprints, such as EcoRock and ultra-energy-efficient windows.

Nancy Giordano

As a strategic futurist, Nancy Giordano helps companies navigate change in dynamic and complex environments.

Jonas Kjellberg

Jonas Kjellberg helped disrupt the communications industry as a co-creator of Skype and now helps companies understand digital transformations.

Lisa Bodell

If you need a change in your organization, Lisa Bodell is a globally recognized expert on leading change and the author of the bestsellers, Kill The Company and Why Simple Wins.

Frits Van Paasschen

Frits Van Paasschen has helmed many industries from Nike to Coors to Starwood Hotels and shares his insights on disruption from his book The Disruptors’ Feast.

Steve Donahue

A popular and entertaining speaker with audiences, Steve Donahue teaches audiences how to use narrative as a way to thrive on disruption, inspire innovation, and create new opportunities.

Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan uses fascinating case studies to help companies find opportunity in disruption and reverse the downward spiral of commoditization.

Josh Linkner

As a bestselling author on innovation, Josh Linkner uses real-world examples, funny stories, and practical takeaways to teach audiences how to thrive in a world of change.

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

Approaching disruption and change from the view of emotional intelligence, JP Pawliw-Fry shows how successful change efforts in your company start by understanding your people.

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