Kiko Kuga

Kiko Marie, Little Miss

  • Languages Spoken

    English, Japanese

  • Travels From

    California, USA

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About Keynote Speaker Kiko Kuga

Kiko Kuga’s Achievements Include…

A lazy bones little missy, Kiko is a brawler and a beautiful fiend. When she’s not chewing on loose sweater threads, piddling out of excitement, and ramming into other dogs (and people) with her neck cone, Kiko most enjoys eating zucchinis directly off the plant.

Kiko is recovering from surgery, and as such is not currently accepting speaking engagements. Please keep her in mind for future events, as she has learned a lot about resilience from her experiences and is eager to share  her knowledge with people around the world.

Critical Statistics

Breed: Black lab and Golden retriever mix

Age:  6 tender months

Weight: 30 lb

Height: About knee height of an average woman

Charm Points: Spots on the bottom of her paws and winsome eyes

Favorite items: Soft blue arm chairs and whatever her older sister Mahi is playing with




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