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Treat Your Company Like a Jazz Song and Watch Your Team Jam

What do jazz music and your company’s structure have in common? If you said nothing you have a lot of redesigning to do. Natalie Nixon,…

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Part 1: How Your Business Can Innovate like a World Class Team—Both On and Off the Racecourse

My teammates and I were multiple time world champions in a crazy, non-stop, multi-day sport called Adventure Racing, in which mixed-gender teams of 4 people…

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Top Business Books From the Top Keynote Speakers in the World

Are you looking for a business book or new idea that will give you a whole new point of view? An idea that will make…

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Here’s What Happened: Mitch Lowe

Perhaps you’re familiar with the founding story of Netflix? The story goes that co-founder Reed Hastings came up with the idea for Netflix when he…

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Take Us Back to Groundbreak

It’s been a week since Procore’s mega event Groundbreak and we are still experiencing a case of Groundbreak withdrawals.    This Coachella of business conferences boldly…

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Top Ten Guest Speakers

What is a corporate guest speaker? A guest speaker is who you call when you need some entertainment, a fresh face, and a new perspective…

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Who are the Top Ten Conference Keynote Speakers You Should Know About?

Conference keynote speakers set the tone for the whole conference, convention, or summit, which makes choosing the right speaker an important task—a great keynote speaker…

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Does Your Venue Help or Hinder Your Keynote Speaker?

They say “the devil is in the details,” but in the world of public speaking, the devil is in the venue. Your venue can impact…

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8 Must-Read Books of 2017 Authored by Keynote Speakers

Traditionally, the new year brings with it new resolutions and a revitalized determination for self-improvement. Likewise, in the speaking industry, the number of leadership, inspirational,…

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Motivational Speaker Coach Brian Holloway Scores a Touchdown at GIANT MARTIN

“Awesome” , “Inspirational”, “Visionary”, and “Passion” are just a few words resounding from the hum of the audience after Coach Brian Holloway’s recent keynote session…

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