Top Sales Kickoff Speakers for 2020

The sales kickoff season is quickly closing in. Are you ready? Every year your sales team brings something new to the table to set your company apart and kick off the new year prepared. What will it be this year? There’s nothing like learning from the best sales kickoff speakers to help inspire your team and give them fresh strategies. BigSpeak has put together the Top Sales Kickoff Speakers for your 2020 planning and pump up. We present the Sales Kickoff Speakers who will help you conquer 2020: 

  • Matthew Luhn: Former Pixar Storyteller and sales kickoff speaker who focuses on the storytelling behind each sale. 
  • Oren Klaff: Sales speaker who will help you pitch anything and convince anyone your idea was their idea.
  • Bill Benjamin: Uses brain science to harness the power of emotional intelligence for sales.
  • Molly Bloom: Created the most sought-after poker game in the country through the understanding of human desire.
  • Jocko Willink: Former Navy SEAL turned sales kickoff speaker, Jocko knows how to inspire a team and a sale.
  • Simon T. Bailey: Sales kickoff speaker who focuses on inspire you to be authentic and branding yourself to make the sale.
  • Peter Guber: As the owner of the Golden State Warriors and Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group, Peter will teach your company how to work as a team to get the win. 
  • Jia Jiang: Rejection expert and sales speaker who will teach your team to turn no’s into yes’s and grow from rejection. 
  • Robert Cialdini: Social psychologist who specializes in influence, negotiation, and persuasion. 
  • Roger Love: #1 vocal coach who teaches how to master the voice of success.
  • Celeste Headlee: Sales kickoff speaker who explains the best communication methods for a sale.
  • Jeffrey Gitomer: Sales speaker who helps define the nuances of elegant selling.
  • Alden Mills: Former Navy SEAL Commander who translates the unstoppable mentality to sales. 
  • Brian Parsley: Here to inspire and delve into the psychology of sales.
  • Terri Sjodin: A sales speaker and consultant, she hits on the new sales speak and how you can be your most persuasive self.
  • Aaron Ross: Business growth expert and sales speaker who wrote “the bible” of Silicon Valley.
  • Grant Cardone: International business and sales kickoff speaker who will teach you to sell yourself.
  • James Clear: Habit expert who can help your team build better habits in selling.
  • Kevin O’Leary: Mr. Wonderful when it comes to entrepreneurship and finding the best sale.
  • Matthew Pollard: Known as “the rapid growth guy,” Pollard teaches a system that will increase your sales.

No matter what your focus is moving into the new year, we have a sales kickoff speaker who can help you prepare for 2020 and get your team pumped to reach new heights. Contact BigSpeak to bring a top sales kickoff speaker to your 2020 planning conferences.