Iconic Global Non-Profit

Iconic Global Non-Profit (21 Million Members / 600,000 Volunteers)

The Challenge:

Client needed to organize a multi-day conference for all of their global leaders, during which they were to announce newly formed values and brand. Additionally, the program called for an educational slant through which to inspire leaders with an emphasis on recruiting and retaining new talent, improve time management skills, increase operational efficiencies, with an eye on leadership development, health and wellness, and ultimately grow member base in a challenging modern economy. Client goals were multi-dimensional and the budget was limited due to non-profit constraints.

The BigSpeak Consulting Solution:

Phase I: BigSpeak Consulting created assessment which the organization fed to global leaders and managers with an eye on deepening the overall efficacy of the program. Results identified areas of opportunity and created vital buy-in.

Phase II: BigSpeak Consulting identified, interviewed and negotiated fees for speakers, trainers and subject matter experts for main platform, leadership sessions and specific value-focused workshops. Requirements emphasized reputable credentials and long history of delivery in key areas. BigSpeak Consulting worked to aggregate values into a cohesive message and cross-aligned platforms in order to focus the message for the re-branding launch. BigSpeak Consulting provided oversight for the overall conference educational objectives, all to be accomplished within client’s budget parameters.

The Result:

In the past, Client had used multiple vendors which became unwieldy and ineffective. With BigSpeak Consulting as the primary partner, the overall efficacy of the program was cross-aligned for cohesive success. BigSpeak Consulting earned their trust and helped ramp up their global business in a successful re-branding and launch of new values.


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