Negotiation Keynote Speakers

“Always be willing to walk away.” One of several cardinal rules of negotiation espoused by the Negotiation Speakers and Experts at BigSpeak Speakers Bureau. And they should know, having sweated out every conceivable negotiation scenario from hostage standoffs to multimillion dollar corporate mergers. More than masters, our Negotiation Speakers are true artists, walking a delicate tightrope between compromise and catastrophe, where high stakes “winwin” (a phrase first coined by Herb Cohen) perception is the name of the game. Whether you’re pushing for a raise, resolving a contract dispute, looking to make better deals or brokering a Middle East peace accord, we at BigSpeak have the Negotiation Keynote Speakers and Experts with the insight and experience to make it a winwin.

“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”
Indira Gandhi

Christopher Voss

Former Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI and CEO of The Black Swan Group  

Juliana Schroeder

Professor of Management of Organizations and Psychology, University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business; Director of the Psychology of Technology Institute and the Berkeley Experimental Social Science Laboratory

Ashleigh Shelby Rosette

Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Management and Organizations, and Center of Leadership and Ethics Scholar; Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

Robert Cialdini, PhD

New York Times Bestselling Author and most-cited social psychologist in the fields of influence, persuasion and negotiation

Derek Gaunt

Leadership Expert. Lead Washington D.C. area Hostage Negotiator. Author of Ego, Authority, and Failure

Scott Tillema

Communication Keynote Speaker, FBI Trained Hostage Negotiator, and Senior Associate with The Negotiations Collective

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