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Keynote Speaker Julian Nott

Julian Nott

Record Setting Ballooning Pioneer, Adventurer,Entrepreneur, Scientist, Engineer, Pilot

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    California, USA

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Some of Julian’s Key Accomplishments Include…

Julian Nott is a founder of the modern ballooning movement and one of its most creative and innovative experts. His epic balloon flights have broken 79 World Ballooning Records, and 96 British Records. In 2014 he designed the balloon system which launched a sky diver from 136,000 feet, setting the new world record for the highest ever jump.

In his speeches Julian uses the metaphor of adventure to develop an inspirational message for scaling new heights. He understands personal challenges and disappointments having had several failed attempts at the first around-the-world balloon flight. He shares what his own struggles have taught him about the dangers of falling into the trap of complacency and the importance of always questioning the status quo.

During his extraordinary career Julian designed and piloted the first ever hot air balloon with a pressurized cabin. He was the first to pilot a balloon across the Sahara Desert, the first to cross Australia, and he flew the first solar balloon across the English Channel. Nott also designed, built, and piloted the Nazca Prehistoric Balloon, using only methods and materials available to the Pre-Inca Peruvians a thousand years ago.

His mission is to encourage people to push beyond their self-imposed fears and beliefs as he himself has struggled to do. Nott believes that it is a key to unlocking some of the reasons why we are able to accomplish great feats vs. failure. He speaks poignantly of the life-changing shifts which results from seeing the world from a unique vantage point.

Nott’s work has been recognized by the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, where in 2015 one of his balloon cabins was put on permanent display. He is a senior scientific consultant to both commercial and academic/government agencies including the Google X, Loon Project and for more than 10 years he has contributed to NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s efforts to launch balloons for space exploration to Titian and Venus.

More about Julian Nott…

Julian has been the subject of four full-length TV documentaries and his flights have been documented by numerous media outlets including Good Morning America, The Discovery Channel, The New Yorker, BusinessWeek, People and The New York Times.

Nott is a strategic advisor to The Sentinel Mission, a historic space mission Co-founded by Rusty Schweickart, Apollo 9 astronaut and Ed Lu, NASA Astronaut on the International Space Station. He is also an advisor to World View Enterprises Inc., the near space; high attitude balloons for space travel, having designed precursor pressurized cabins.

Nott’s unique career combined with his enthusiastic style make his presentation very compelling. Yet almost without realizing it, his audience learn valuable lessons and are inspired.

Testimonials 6

  • “Dear Julian, Thank you again for the splendid speech last Friday. It went perfectly from ‘take off’ to ‘landing’! I look forward to seeing you more frequently.”

    Nobel Prize recipient

  • In hosting over 20 luncheons each year, Santa Barbara’s Channel City Club has presented a range of nationally and internationally celebrated speakers. But few if any have equaled the heights that the guest speaker at their recent Annual Luncheon, Julian Nott, has attained.

    Santa Barbara News Press

  • Julian – rave reviews continue to come in from your presentation at the Channel City Club yesterday! Standing ovations are rare with our group, so you can tell by the one you received, how thrilled everyone was to have had the special opportunity to meet you and hear about your extraordinary life’s accomplishments and scientific passion

    CEO Santa Barbara Channel City Club

  • “Thank you for speaking at our event, everyone so enjoyed your remarks. The Chief of the Santa Barbara Fire department mentioned that he and everyone on his staff were marveling at your presentation. He was actually quoting from what you had said – so well done!!!

    Doctors Without Walls

  • Thank you so much for your wonderfully enjoyable and entertaining public lecture. It is always a pleasure to learn about a topic while thoroughly enjoying the presentation. Your accomplishments are impressive.

    David Gross, 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics and Director of KITP

  • As interesting and motivational a speaker we have ever had for my University of Southern California  Business School seminars

    Paul Orfalea Founder of Kinko's

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