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Business thrives in a secure environment but threats are everywhere to national security. Your trade, energy, environment, food, and data are all at a risk. How can you prepare your company to be successful in a dangerous and changing environment? At BigSpeak speakers bureau, our National Security keynote speakers are politicians, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who have experience handling threats coming from changes in trade policies, energy shortages, and cyber attacks. If your business wants to learn more about national security and how it will affect your business, contact BigSpeak speakers bureau today to book one of our top National Security keynote speakers.

“A nation that can’t control its energy sources can’t control its future.” 
? Barack Obama

Eric O’Neill – Virtual Keynote Speaker

Cybersecurity Virtual Keynote Speaker, National Security Strategist VMWare Carbon Black, Bestselling Author, Former FBI Operative, Inspired the Film Breach

Eric O’Neill

Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker, National Security Strategist at VMWare Carbon Black, Bestselling Author, Former FBI Operative, and Inspiration for the Film Breach

Eric McNulty

Director of Research and Professional Programs and Program Faculty at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative

Kiran Bedi

Social Activist and India's First and Highest Ranking Woman Officer in the Indian Police Service

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