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About Speaker Michel Neray…

Michel Neray is a professional speaker and branding consultant, and is the founder of ‘momondays’ – a monthly storytelling variety show that has grown to more than 12 cities. Through his workshops and corporate engagements, Michel has helped thousands of individuals craft and perform more effective, ‘purposeful’ stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types. He also uses Purposeful Storytelling to more effectively differentiate, position and brand organizations in the market.

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  • “I had the good fortune to work with Michel recently as a speaker at our national conference. Throughout our time together, I found Michel organized, buttoned-up and focused on understanding our business, such that he was ready to connect with our business partners. We invited Michel to our conference in part to help change the conversation with our business partners; he delivered. Michel was engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking. Most of all, Michel’s ‘Essential Message’ drove home the importance of leveraging differentiation in a competitive world. I look forward to working with Michel again as we focus on accelerating our growth potential.”


    VP Marketing, Wise Foods, Inc.

  • “Michel’s presentations could be described as the perfect combination of engaging, entertaining and educational. He commands control of a room, mixing bits of humor while encouraging his audience to think deeply about the skills that they can offer to the world, both on a personal and professional level. Michel has challenged me to consider aspects of my job that I am successfully completing on a regular basis, without ever truly realizing what I am accomplishing. His presentation has inspired me to continue striving to be the best as I come to realize my full potential.”


    Public Relations, Franklin County Visitors Bureau

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The Better-Than-Branding Workshop

Competitive advantage. Client value. Differentiation. Whether you are the CEO of a major corporation, a salaried employee, or an independent professional like a financial advisor, consultant or coach… these are some of the biggest opportunities to create a sustainable, profitable business or career.

Unfortunately, most marketing and branding workshops don’t solve the problem – and that’s why they are also the biggest challenges we struggle with in our businesses.

In fact, most marketing and branding workshops make three fundamental mistakes that actually hinder us from identifying the true differentiators which have the potential of catapulting our businesses and careers:

  • They look for ‘big’ differentiators – but in this game, it’s the little differences that often have the biggest impact.
  • They are so externally focused on the market, they miss the single most important differentiating ‘lever’ – you!
  • They ask the usual and expected questions, and your brain naturally returns the usual and expected answers – which defeats the entire process.

Traditional branding and marketing workshops may be fine for traditional businesses, but when the individual who created the business is also the one driving it forward, or is on the career fast track, you’ve got to dig deeper.

That’s why this workshop is unlike anything you’ve ever participated in. This is a hands-on session that will have you mining the inner recesses of your mind to discover the fundamental differentiators that not only make you different, they make you better.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this workshop is just another primer on marketing and branding. You’ve been there, done that. This is for professionals who want to showcase the unique approach, techniques and thought leadership they bring to the table.

Make Friends with Your Stereotype and Stand Out from the Crowd

How to leverage stereotype perceptions to discover your unique strengths, establish greater trust and earn credibility.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of people who have a lot of negative perceptions about you, your industry and the title that’s written on your business card. And when those people happen to be your customers and other groups you work with, that’s a challenge. It doesn’t just get in the way of your relationships with your customers, employer and the people who report to you, it also saps your personal confidence and undermines the positive perceptions we want to have of ourselves.

Instead of trying to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist, this session will show you how to make friends with those negative perceptions. Better still, you’ll learn how to leverage those negative perceptions to positively differentiate yourself, your company and the products you represent in the market.

This is a highly interactive and fun session that will boost your confidence as much as it boosts your results. Get ready to laugh your way to a whole new perspective of what you do and why you’re needed now more than ever!

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Gain confidence by identifying your personal differentiation and unique value
  • Instantly build trust by establishing rapport with customers
  • Increase credibility and demonstrate profound understanding of the market
  • This 45-90 minute session is one of the exercises that forms the more comprehensive Employee Engagement Workshop.

Conversational Networking, Marketing, and Selling

This keynote or workshop helps participants develop customer-centric listening skills, and then teaches them how to develop intelligent questions that speak directly to customer interests and needs. This enables participants to ‘ask’ their way through a proposal or sale rather than ‘push’ their way to a decision. The interactive exercises also help participants learn about each other, making this ideal for networking events.

Sales and marketing ‘experts’ are always telling us to focus on benefits. And the higher level the benefit is, the better.
But telling your customers and prospects that you’ll help them – insert any high level benefit, like ‘make more money’, ‘increase productivity’, or ‘be a hero in your company’ – is usually as credible and differentiating as a politician saying he or she supports world peace.

In this interactive keynote, participants discover how easy it is to engage people in conversations around the work they do – whether on the beach in Mexico or across the boardroom table.
Instead of benefits, participants learn to listen for and communicate Impact Statements, Persuasion Drivers and Provocative Questions.

This presentation is a perfect fit for sales events, national conventions and networking events. It gives people the tools they need to make all their communications – with clients and customers, colleagues, friends and even your family – more powerful than ever!

Fun exercises include the ‘Back-to-Back Fairy Tale’, ‘Listening for Impact’, and ‘Digging for Drivers’.

Key Take-Aways and Tools:

  • Why elevator pitches don’t (and will never) work!
  • What truly interests people about your business, service or proposal.
  • How to engage the other person’s mind in conversation using Impact Statements, Pers

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