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About Keynote Speaker Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins gained roots in sales business at age 19. He failed miserably until he figured out that success in sales is a learned skill. After making the study of selling his hobby, his career took of to the sky. He became a sales millionaire by the age of 27. Tom has been teaching his proven-effective selling strategies world wide for over 30 years.

The basis of Tom’s training is how-to strategies and tactics, not motivational hype. If students become motivated after learning material, it happens because they understand the power of the training and how they can increase their incomes because of it. His training materials are constantly fresh and updated through his daily contact with business leaders and sales professionals. Their feedback is an invaluable resource that helps us keep his training relevant in an ever-changing business world.

Due to the extraordinary demand for his trainings, Tom has received international recognition and earned a reputation that is synonymous with effectiveness, productivity and integrity. His live seminars have been presented in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Tom has written twelve books, including How to Master the Art of Selling and Selling for Dummies™. His first book, How to Master the Art of Selling, has sold over 1.4 million copies and been translated into ten languages. It is used as a text book in many sales and marketing classes all over the world, and is recognized as one of the books which new salespeople must read by sales and management professionals in a wide variety of industries.

Tom was a pioneer in bringing broadcast-quality video training to the marketplace. Over 16,000 of his video sales training systems are utilized in-house by companies around the world. Tom Hopkin’s audio cassette programs have been praised their comprehensiveness, quality, and workbooks with word-for-word phraseology. His credibility lies in his track record and the track records of the students he has trained over the years. Tom has personally trained over three million students on five continents. He has shared the stage with some of the great leaders of our times including former President George Bush and Barbara Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Ret. Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf, and Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Through the ups and downs of a selling career, as a business owner, professional speaker and trainer, Tom Hopkins has maintained his dedication to the continued growth of his students. He firmly believes that everyone can benefit from utilizing his proven techniques, ideas, concepts and values. Tom invites you and your sales team to experience the benefits of his “training for Champions.”


It’s so easy to skip a well-deserved accolade when you’ve been in real estate as long as I have, but I must tell you I continue to be inspired by your remarkable creativity and the way you keep ahead of the innovative curve for all of us.


Mulhearn Realtors

What can I say, but you’re the master. I have attended your seminars and contracted you to present at our conferences and every person attending was mesmerized with your subject matter and presentation.


Tru Dynamics Intl.

Just a note to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have my people involved with your seminar in Denver. There is no price too high for quality training and knowledge… tremendous results in just the past couple of weeks since the seminar.


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