Top Webinar and Virtual Conference Keynote Speakers

Webinars and virtual conferences are great ways to host events when your team or organization is spread over large distances. These events can also be more interactive with the use of online questions and polls. Whether you’re looking to host a virtual conference, convert a live conference to virtual, or do both, here are some of the most experienced presenters who can talk on a variety of topics.

Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP)

The IHHP has been delivering programs on emotional intelligence for over 20 years. Founded by  EQ experts Bill Benjamin and Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, the consultancy provides research-based solutions for creating cultures of trust and integrity, which in turn ensures an agile, engaged workforce. The IHHP offers virtual programs and courses on emotional intelligence, as well as webinars and virtual keynotes.

Kevin O’Leary

Top business speaker and Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” knows a thing or two about keeping your head above water in troubled times. An expert on financial literacy and sticking it out when things get rough, Kevin is offering his insights to clients via webinars and virtual keynotes.

Thomas Kolditz

Retired brigadier general and leadership guru Thomas Kolditz is the perfect keynote speaker to partner with in uncertain times. He specializes in helping people lead through volatility, complexity and uncertainty; in leading as if your life depended on it, quite literally. He offers virtual keynotes and webinars to clients who want the expertise of a top thought leader with 34 years of military service.

Marcus Collins

An award-winning advertiser and brand strategist, Marcus Collins has a unique perspective on culture and consumer behavior. His expertise on leveraging the power of data analytics and unlocking the potential of big data makes him a timeless option for organizations looking to capitalize on rapidly changing trends and stay sharp in the hyper-connected world. Marcus is available for pre-recorded keynotes, live virtual keynotes and webinars.

Amanda Gore

An expert on optimism and resilience, Amanda Gore explores the mind-body connection to inspire people to lead, work and live more effectively. She dissects the science of stress to show audiences how to alter their reactions to it permanently and live with more joy—which we could all use a little more of right now.  Amanda provides live virtual keynotes, webinars, and intimate interactive sessions for small groups.

Kevin Surace

Called the “Innovator of the Decade,” Kevin Surace is the creator of both the first smartphone and digital assistant. A disruption expert and “edutainer” with a background in theater, he’s a great option for a virtual event. Kevin offers clients live keynotes, webinars, and custom interactive events.

Kristin Arnold

You could say innovator and meeting facilitator Kristin Arnold is a bit of an expert when it comes to remote presentations and events. She’s so good with virtual meeting software Zoom, she taught Zoom employees how to use the tech for the purposes of panel moderation! Kristin speaks on decision making in times of upheaval and getting your whole team on board and in the game. She can present webinars and moderate virtual panels on these topics for your team.

Stephen Shapiro

Provocative innovation evangelist Stephen Shapiro knows all about creating high-performing teams that can think outside the box and tackle challenges that seem impossible. For organizations that fear falling behind in rapidly shifting situations, Stephen is an obvious choice. He’s available for pre-recorded keynotes, live keynotes and webinars.

Libby Gill

Top leadership speaker Libby Gill is an expert on leading through change, challenge and chaos using the science-based hope theory to maximize employee engagement and overall peak performance. Libby is available to present pre-recorded keynotes, live keynote and webinars to your team, and is also offering coaching and training sessions.

Chris Yeh

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Chris Yeh is a live streaming pioneer who has founded, invested in, or mentored over 200 startups whose expertise in adaptability and agility for businesses is highly relevant. Out of all our speaking partners, Chris has perhaps the most experience doing virtual presentations. To date, he has taken part in over one thousand webinars and is supremely comfortable offering pre-recorded and live virtual keynotes and webinars.

Tiffani Bova

Growth and innovation evangelist Tiffani Bova knows all about securing a company’s future and maintaining sustainable development. She teaches her audiences to create bold, custom strategies to suit their businesses and drive them to new heights, and has shared her insights with more than 300,000 people around the globe. Tiffani is offering clients  webinars and live virtual keynotes on these timely skills.

Mark DeVolder

Organizational change expert Mark Devolder is an expert on adapting to extreme conditions and encouraging peak performance and engagement among employees, so much so that his clients know him as “The Change Specialist.” Mark offers timely keynotes on change, disruption and resilience adapted into pre-recorded and live virtual keynotes as well as webinars.

Heather McGowan

Strategist and Top Influencer on Lifelong Learning Heather McGowan helps organizations prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the disruption it will bring. An expert of adaptation and innovation, Heather has spoken to everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and offers audiences pre-recorded keynotes, live virtual keynotes and webinars on evolving in times of change.


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