Celebrating Our Top 30 Booked Keynote Speakers in 2018

No matter what your field of interest, our top speakers go your topic covered. Wherever you are located, East Coast, West Coast, Europe, or Asia, they are ready to travel and spread their message. These speakers are top thought leaders, bestselling authors, company founders, celebrities, artists, athletes, and former Navy SEALs.

These top keynote speakers have been instrumental in changing the way we view media (Netflix), how we interact with computers (Siri), and how we communicate over the web (Skype). They are changing the way we interact with social media (Socialnomics) and how our brains interact with technology (Emotiv). They’ve experienced rejection (Rejection Therapy) and have been the subject of Hollywood films (Molly’s Game and Breach). They’ve won championships (Adventure Racing) and moved us with their marketing (Beats headphones). In short, they have shown they can change lives, now see if they can change yours.

  1. Robyn Benincasa, leadership speaker, Adventure Racing world champion
  2. Molly Bloom, inspirational keynote speaker, subject of film Molly’s Game
  3. Matthew Luhn, creativity keynote speaker, former Pixar animator/story artist
  4. Mitch Lowe, business speaker, CEO of MoviePass
  5. Jia Jiang, rejection therapy keynote speaker, bestselling author
  6. Marc Randolph, Netflix Co-Founder, angel investor
  7. Omar Johnson, marketing keynote speaker, former CMO at Beats by Dre
  8. Eric O’Neill, cybersecurity keynote speaker, inspiration for the film Breach
  9. Kevin Surace, disruptive innovation speaker, innovator of the decade
  10. Nancy Giordano, strategic futurist speaker, corporate strategist
  11. Jonas Kjellberg, digital transformation speaker, co-creator of Skype
  12. Peter Zeihan, top keynote speaker in geopolitical strategy
  13. Natalie Nixon, innovation expert; founder of Figure 8 Thinking
  14. Tan Le, innovative technology entrepreneur, founder of Emotiv
  15. Guy Kawasaki, branding speaker, Chief Evangelist at Canva
  16. Jade Simmons, motivational speaker, rockstar concert pianist
  17. Mike Walsh, top futurist speaker, bestselling author
  18. Frits Van Paasschen, top business speaker, change management expert
  19. Peter Sheahan, internationally recognized thought leader and author on innovation
  20. Erik Qualman, top technology speaker, bestselling author of Socialnomics
  21. Alden Mills, found of Perfect Fitness, former Navy SEAL
  22. Jeff Degraff, business professor and “Dean of Innovation”
  23. Robert Sutton, organizational change speaker, author of No Asshole Rule
  24. Chip Eichelberger, peak performance, motivation and sales strategist
  25. Robert Richman, culture architect, co-creator of Zappos Insights
  26. Adam Cheyer, top technology and AI speaker, co-founder of Siri and Viv
  27. Bethenny Frankel, reality TV star, founder of Skinnygirl
  28. Steve Donahue, story guru, Sahara adventurer
  29. Robert Tucker, business futurist, author of Driving Growth Through Innovation
  30. Stephen Shapiro, innovation evangelist, business author

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