Top 25 Booked Keynote Speakers

Here are the top booked keynote speakers in 2019. These popular keynote speakers can delight audiences with takeaways about leadership, motivation, creativity, customer loyalty, resilience, personal development, emotional intelligence, and more.

Leave your worries behind and ensure the success of your next event in 2020 by choosing one of these experienced top keynote speakers.

1) Robyn Benincasa, Teamwork and Motivation

Robyn Benincasa is a top motivational speaker on leadership, adventure racing world champion, CNN Hero, founder of Project Athena, and bestselling author. 

2) Molly Bloom, Inspirational

Molly Bloom is an inspirational keynote speaker and entrepreneur, best known for her memoir, Molly’s Game, which was adapted into an award-winning film by Aaron Sorkin.

3) Matthew Luhn, Storytelling for Business

Matthew Luhn is an accomplished storyteller and business consultant, with over 25 years’ experience working on Toy Story films, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and more at Pixar.

4) Jia Jiang, Resilience

Jia Jiang is a top resilience keynote speaker with the most viewed TED Talk of 2017 and was the 2019 winner of Toastmasters International Golden Gavel award.

5) James Clear, Personal Development

James Clear is a top personal development keynote speaker and the New York Times bestselling author of Atomic Habits, which has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

6) Ken Schmidt, Customer Loyalty

Ken Schmidt is the former Director of Communications at Harley-Davidson and is one of the business world’s most outspoken and provocative thought leaders on customer loyalty.

7) Marc Randolph, Entrepreneurship

Marc Randolph is a top entrepreneur and innovation keynote speaker, Netflix cofounder, and Amazon #1 bestselling author of That Will Never Work.

8) Eric O’Neill, Cybersecurity

Eric O’Neill is a cybersecurity expert, former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative, and bestselling author of Gray Day: inspiration for the film Breach.

9) Bill Benjamin, Emotional Intelligence

Bill Benjamin is an emotional intelligence and performance expert who helps leaders overcome the barriers that often keep them from reaching their full potential.

10) Mitch Lowe, Business and Entertainment

Mitch Lowe is a retail and entertainment expert, co-founding executive of Netflix, and former President of Redbox.

11) Shawn Achor, Happiness

Shawn Achor is a top motivational speaker, happiness researcher, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage.

12) Omar Johnson, Marketing and Branding

Omar Johnson is a marketing and branding keynote speaker and a former CMO at Beats by Dre and VP Marketing at Apple. He has been named a Brand Genius by Adweek.

13) Risha Grant, Diversity and Inclusion

Risha Grant is an internationally renowned diversity, inclusion and bias expert, motivational speaker, and author.

14) Kevin Surace, Innovation and Futurist

Kevin Surace is a futurist and disruptive innovation speaker, popular TED speaker, creator of one of the first smartphones and AI digital assistant, and an innovator of the decade.

15) Kevin O’Leary, Business Speaker and Shark Tank Host

Kevin O’Leary is a top entrepreneur speaker, author, venture capitalist, and guest judge on Shark Tank, who pulls-no-punches with his business advice. 

16) J.P. Pawliw-Fry, Emotional Intelligence

J.P. Pawliw-Fry is an internationally renowned thought leader on the subject of leadership, performance and managing under pressure.

17) Daymond John, Business and Motivation

Daymond John is a top business speaker and motivational speaker, founder and CEO of FUBU clothing, and a reality TV judge on Shark Tank.

18) Stephen Shapiro, Innovation

Stephen Shapiro cultivates innovation by showing leaders and their teams how to approach, tackle and solve their business challenges. 

19) Tan Le, Technology and Motivation

Tan Le is a top innovation and motivational speaker, founder and CEO of EMOTIV, and chosen by Fast Company as one of the Most Influential Women in Technology.

20) Peter Zeihan, Geopolitics

Peter Zeihan is a well-known keynote speaker in geopolitical strategy, specializing in global energy, demographics, and security.

21) Natalie Nixon, Creativity and Innovation

Dr. Natalie Nixon is a strategy, foresight and innovation expert who advises leaders how to leverage creativity as an innovation resource to achieve business goals.

22) Nancy Giordano, Futurists

Nancy Giordano is a strategic futurist, guest lecturer at Singularity University, and is recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists.

23) Jeff DeGraff, Innovation

Jeff DeGraff is a well-known speaker on innovation, Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and founder of the Innovatrium.

24) Chip Eichelberger, Peak Performance and Motivation

Chip Eichelberger is a peak performance and motivational keynote speaker who specializes in high-energy, interactive presentations.

25) Barb Stegemann, Motivation and Social Entrepreneurship

Barb Stegemann is a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and founder of 7 Virtues perfumes.

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